Master chief collection matchmaking not working

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I had no problems at all on Monday, but the rest of the week has been dire. I've been waiting in the matchmaking lobby for an hour now. For Halo: The Master Chief Collection on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How to fix matchmaking connection issues".

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Halo Master Chief Collection: control issues being worked on, Matchmaking fix is released XBOX ONE fans have received a new content update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection that aims to improve matchmaking and general game stability. Haven't touched it since I got H5. Hell I'm a software developer, my first job was fixing an undocumented system that was barely alive. Heytred recently left the company, so being asked to fix a game at a place where you don't work could get annoying.

  • "I personally apologize for this on behalf of us all at 343 Industries," wrote 343 studio head Bonnie Ross.
  • "The launch of Master Chief Collection was really bad, and it still continues to have problems," McGuire said.
  • "They claim to have fixed it to where the game," McGuire said after the latest patch went live on December 22.
  • "This particular content update includes improvements for matchmaking, roster, parties, and more," a statement from 343 confirmed.

I replayed the Maw in Halo CE 5 times (no exaggeration, we started to get really efficient at it) back-to-back on Legendary just so that I could get my friend the achievement for completing it, because the other 4 times it would kick him out. I spent hours getting 300/600 achievements in that game, only to leave my disc in my Xbox when I traded it in for an elite console, still haven't gotten around to buying a new one. I still try to play, but it's a mess.

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I have been gaming since Atari 2600 and probably am more of a "real" gamer than any of you (not that I actually care). I haven't played it in months because of the issues. I mean I guess this depends what people mean by "broken" but as far as I can tell the core functions, it's just auxiliary features that don't work right. I probably wouldn't have sold my Xbox honestly.

Obviously aim for the evenings and weekends to see if you can match in the lesser populated playlists. Oh and the weird sound glitch when coming out of Halo 3, either the sound stops entirely of the feedback just goes on forever. Oh look, no 343 employees with any concrete feedback or support in regards to the MCC!

Made an update to ensure that Party Leaders can assign a new Party Leader or Kick a player from their party. Make MCC the Halo's I remember playing all night. Make as much noise as possible. Matchmaking within a party was a nightmare. Maybe a couple bugfixes if we're so blessed. McGuire, a 33-year-old project engineer from Grand Haven, Michigan, saw it as a way to revisit his favorite game series, and rekindle a romance that started more than a decade before with Halo: Combat Evolved.

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Don't get me wrong, I know there's no magic wand to wave over the game. Duty Modern Warfare have no problems finding lobbies. Either way that question is kind of a waste of time because MCC is new territory in terms of broken fuckery and other studios are irrelevant because they don't release games so broken. Everyone should get a full refund for the nightmare of a game that is MCC.

How long does it take you to find games? I bought Xbox One for Halo. I can get games in MCC, but the fact that Microsoft flopped Halos 1-4 on a single disc with 1-50, shows that even the greatest content Microsoft could fuck up. I don't care for people going around and disturbing other threads with MCC stuff. I had to remake it when it was originally erased for some reason in 2005.

Because if you choose to give up on Matchmaking issues, Firefight split screen is always there!But the hope you have left with it, is still there inside of you.

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At the very least, he could say something like "per company policy I am not allowed to discuss the MCC".At this point, even guys like McGuire say they're getting tired of waiting for Microsoft to fix everything for good.

It's tough and may not seem worth it but 343 really should just fix it. Lastly, no split-screen on Halo 5? Let it go guys, the game is broken beyond repair. Like one that is nothing but Fiesta or Husky Raid.

Lost $1000s in digital content when I asked for a refund a month after release. Made a change to ensure that Halo 3 Custom Game variants display correct author information. Made an update to allow players to use Voice Chat during loading screens in Matchmaking.

Com that will effectively work as your Xbox account. Com: Halo 4 Limited Edition -Xbox 360: Microsoft: Video Games. DEM MOTHER******* BOOTLEG FIREWORK ****! DICE on Battlefield 4, which is the only other game in the history of video games that even comes CLOSE how broken MCC was at launch. Don't get me wrong, I do not think Warzone is bad.

We play action sack mostly but the only other one we can get to work more often is doubles solely because it finds a game quicker and has less time to fuck up. What he's doing is basically laughing in customers' and fans' faces. What more can you do? Which by the way, one of you say that's when you've been around since. Why the fuck would we do that? Within 343 Industries and Xbox, I can assure you that resolving these issues is our number one priority.

Skeptics who still have their MCC discs could get the updated patches at launch, do matchmaking with a huge community with everything working, and only buy H3A if they want H3A/Reach/ODST. Some of the responses are amazingly obnoxious. Sticking with the 360 since the Xbox One has nothing of value to me. Stuff like this is completely inexcusable. Subreddit:aww site:imgur.

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Once we’ve done that, we will detail how we will make this right with our fans. Only through making changes on both the 'server side' (matchmaking and other server rulesets) and, via content updates (to the game itself), can we make the significant progress we’re working towards," writes Ross. Or am I the only one getting consistent 10fps and major audio buffer issues. People are so damn extreme it's so odd.

Relive the greatest adventures of the ultimate solder with Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Sad thing is, its so true, they don't give a flying fuck about mcc, they will milk all of their money into halo 5 and future projects, and while halo wars 2 looks good, MCC Should DESERVE SOME ATTENTION 343! See, this is what i don't get. Seriously though, I will not give up.

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Everything looked great, and the early word was Microsoft had done it right. For the past few weeks we are getting kicked back to lobby while searching for players, picking the map, and occasionally after the voting is over. For them, the quicker they get a new Halo game out the better. Halo 2 Anniversary was brilliant, but severely tarnished by how crappy the rest of the MCC ran.

If Halo 5 weren't so bogged down with sprinting and ridiculous over-the-top, zany movement mechanics, I would probably love it. If MCC and H5 releases on PC i'm more than happy to play both or at least try again, since i'll have this desktop here anyways. If you wanna play an old Halo game, go play it on 360. Im A pc gamer and have been for a while but i got the mcc and hope to play it oneday.

They still keep Diablo 1 and Warcraft 2 up and running, though they were released in the mid fucking 90s. This does not remove spoilers within the submission. This does not remove spoilers within the submission. This format will not work in submission titles. This is my latest experience with MCC, I wish I could've recorded a little longer but as soon as the match started it ended.

The pistol is the weapon of the gods, and I am not worthy. The stuff that goes on under the hood: matchmaking, NAT issues, random lag spikes. There is also arena(mix of slayer, ctf, assault and a territories/koth hybrid called strongholds) slayer, ffa, swat, big team, zombies and grifball. They are bigger fanboys of the latter than the former.

This thread is the definition of aids. Thus I only played the campaigns, not the MP. Unfortunately, the game is pretty dead now. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our and. Warzone exists and it's great!

Monthly free updates is a lot of work for one game. Mostly because I got the game after it was playable and because at this point it doesn't matter what we say, it won't make any difference. Multiplayer (not Warzone) is extremely balanced in Halo 5. My thing is if they can't / won't fix it then contract with someone who will. None of this matters though.

  • We both have OPEN NAT, perfect connections, and every other game works including Halo 5.
  • This makes me want to hop on and see how everything is on MCC.
  • Local split-screen players will now always be on the same team in Halo 2 Matchmaking.
  • We will detail how we will make this right with our fans.
  1. Also add Reach maps to it.
  2. Also, it seems the thread no longer stays up top regardless of Karma.
  3. And is there really no system link?
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    Text and Link posts have a new spoiler-tagging option that is available. Thanks a lot for lying and scamming the entire halo fanbase. The demand simply isn't high enough for 343i to give a fuck. The hive is more like the hive seriously.

    I took it back after beating the stories again and was angry. I wish I could even find matches, Game is completely dead in Australia and has been since launch pretty much. I would love to play multiplayer with friends. IGN uses cookies and other tracking technologies to customize online advertisements, and for other purposes.

    • "Yet this appears to have.
    • A custom games browser would be nice, but at least get the game working as intended along with proper storage salads for custom game maps and types.
    • A server browser would allow people to create or join the games they want to play.
    • After the Feb update in 2015 the group I play with had little issues in MP but we always played with people from our own region for the most part.
    • All the threads in the world will never absolve this clusterfuck and 343 has to wear that Shame for a long time.

    YOU CAN'T USE THE PHONE WHILE I AM ON THE INTERNET! You can't play split screen in Halo 3 because it doesn't fill the entire TV. You had plenty of time, and the fact that you released it in this state is unbelievable.

    Included are the complete story of the Master Chief on one console for the first time ever -- Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3 and Halo 4. Iphone 5 car audio hookup. It just makes me mad because I sold my 360 and bought the One in anticipation for this game. It works for Halo 5, it doesn't work here. It's not "content update" when 343 are just fixing the pile of shit they put out. It's the only mode in the collection that doesn't award medals.

    But you've already paid for it. Can the mods sticky this thread at least until 343 actually gives a response on the state of MCC?

    Players will now be discovered sooner after starting the game. Reddit users are still reporting, and there seems to be a major disconnect between what 343 is saying and what players are experiencing. Refund please i bought the game twice the first time my game disk got corrupted because of all these in game crashes, i contacted microsoft and they said they could rewrite all the data on it for 20$.

    And we don't play halo 5 because we love to play split screen together.And we get our asses handed to us 50-18.As much as I want to like this company, I just can't.

    The latest patch, was touted as the great and mighty fix to multiplayer's woes. The only person being hurt by your principled stand is yourself (Halo 5 is a lot of fun. The only relevant question is should 343 have finished fixing it, and the answer is clearly yes.

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