Dating an illegal immigrant

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Hello, my name is Sarah and I am dating an illegal immigrant. My friends are voicing their concerns as they say that I could lose my job and possibly go to jail for. If you were dating someone, and found at at some point that they were an illegal immigrant, what would you do?

Please report comments that you feel are in violation of these guidelines to keep discussions constructive. Posts that are removed by the AutoModerator that are missing information submitted for approval will not be considered unless you use the link explaining what was wrong with the post. Pretty sure that is illegal. Report: Russia Wanted To Reset Diplomatic Relations With U. Run my darling, just run away from him. She can go ahead and graduate -- yes.

And who knows, maybe you can start dating him again.

Ah so the concern is he is using her so he won't be deported.All market data delayed 20 minutes.All the major markets in terms of Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Dallas denied us,” Webster told Fox 7.

Like Top use to say "You joined the Army to go to strange and exotic places. Like many at the school, Vasquez-Banda, court records show, was an illegal immigrant. Million people arriving during the decade, according to a 2010 report by the. My parents are supportive of them getting married because they want her to be taken care of by a husband. Nevermind the illegal aspect, just have communication and a relationship with her and talk about how things are with David.

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Would you date an illegal immigrant? Would you date an illegal immigrant? Would you date an illegal immigrant? Wouldn't this open up at least 3-4 million jobs? Yes if they are Indian Or asian but hell no if they are Mexican the Mexican guys in Indiana are dirty and nasty men. You can go to jail for assisting in such things.

Did you meet a cute guy who is not legally in your country? Do not request personal info, including pics. Enjoy the mariachi band he's going to hire for the reception, all the while laughing at you! Enriquez said her boyfriend has made himself a promise: He won't wed until he's already got his green card so there's no doubt that he's marrying for love.

THEY won't want her too --- which is sad because she can't get financial aid for college, etc. That K-1 visa allows her to come here but you will need to finalize the marriage within 90 days. Thats more then a lot of american guys lol. The guy became very upset with me and said that his friends had managed to get married without going back to their home country - he gave me a few examples and said I shouldn't listen to the solicitor. The laws after 9/11 changed in the U.

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Your GF needs to consult a lawyer and work with immigration services in order to become a citizen in a legitmate manner.

In southern Arizona, there was only one growth industry: the Border Patrol. Is it okay to ask for someone to show their Driver's Licence. Is she supposed to deport herself now because her parents brought her to the states? It will cost money but a good lawyer can get it done quickly and correctly. Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters.

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One of the dumbest argument for illegal immigrants there is. Otherwise you would have posted this on another category. People's lives are very complicated and intertwined and they're not very clear-cut.

First off, all those people want to do is come here and have a better life then they did in Mexico. For my husband and I, the stress of being a mixed-status has finally resolved. He came to the states, legally, and brought his seven kids. Her English is sufficiently strong and only getting better. How could we speak to this growing demographic for this site in a way where we could get the max effect? I believe there should be ways to verify it if you have the guy's name.

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I do know that she loves him and they spend everyday together. I don't know the details of their relationship. I know a couple that have three children and a beautiful house, they were going to get deported because they came under political Asylum, and that area of Colombia where they come from, supposedly no longer is considered infected with Guerrilla and Narco-traffic. I reported some illegal mexicans at work already and they got sent back.

Citizens and green card holders date illegal immigrants at all ages, but researchers say it's probably more frequent on college campuses, which foster diversity and create a space where students feel safer revealing their status. Come home, file a K-1 Fiance Visa, which takes about 5-6 months to process, and he can come as your fiance legally and get married. Cool, I can get a driver's license here. Cuz i read somewhere it shuldn't take more than 6 months riyte?

And no matter whether we understand every family’s situation, or whether we agree with how reform should be legislated, we are first and foremost a family.And the big question: whether - and how - to tell a date about one's immigration status?

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And we're both interested in one another.And when Immigration traces her and finds out she is illegal -- your marriage will not matter so much.

The lenght of his stay here. They can have horrible effects on your life. They cannot be legally employed. They were PROUD of their green card and did not want me to think they were trying to be with me for a green card or whatever. They were asked to also leave the country or face deportation or become illegal. They would not process the application of an illegal immigrant.

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Think of them as people not as "illegals" most of them dont come here and dont demand being president - they work for 5 an hour and bust their ass to support their kids and families. We had a couple approvals, but we got a lot more denials. Well I'm sure your solicitor is right - If you are here illegally it makes sense to me that you have to leave and then come back in a legal fashion, eg the fiancee visa, before you can be married and have right to stay.

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  • Hahaha ok well first off.
  • He has been very poor to go to Europe legally like others but has had the balls to go there with any means.
  • Along the way two of his children had to permanently leave the country because of their visas.
And this dude in question probably even had a regular driver's license since he was a legal U.And those saying you are dating the person not the crime are wrong also.

Someone with a good cover story for why they don't have a car is fine, but after FOUR MONTHS I would have become suspicious. Speak with and retain an immigration attorney to see what if anything can be done. Sure legal citizens have committed some crimes, but most will not be putting you in the situation you will be put into.

And you'll be long distance for a time after she goes to Mexico while you wait for the visa too. Assuming she only entered the U. Back then there are no limits on how much you need to earn before sponsoring a spouse. But many of them dated men who's families brought them here as children.

Nonetheless, my interactions with him were not tense or strained. Not forever looking over your shoulder for the law, or checking what you say/do for fear of how he will twist it. Of course all of this should happen when you are 18 or older -- and you will have to show that you can support the two of you.

Well, I dont know why there would be an issue. Well, maybe you should keep your political preferences for yourself. What could someone do to prevent finding out such details much later. What were you thinking? What's with all this acceptance of children and past mistakes? Wish i could offer a bit more specific info to your state, but hell, i can't even dig it out of the dmv site for MY state. Would you date an illegal immigrant?

I say don't do anything rash. I think you missed the whole point of absolutism. I think your solicitor is right.

I would suggest that you not participate in anything that breaks the law. I would suggest that you not participate in anything that breaks the law. I wouldn't date an illegal anything. I'm a sophomore riyte now, and I'm being homeschooled this year cuz my mom thinx its better for me. I'm really confused about it all. I've got an even better idea. If you love him go for it.

  1. "That's like the biggest elephant in the room," said, a 26-year-old college student from Los Angeles.
  2. "You put the Devil on the other side and I will come to fight.
  3. A 23-year-old graduate student, remembers how she was primping for a special night out with her boyfriend when he told her they were going to a club.
  4. A complete answer takes an in depth interview.
  5. About all I would have triggered off of in a reversed situation, would have been the way the explanation/excuse was delivered.
  6. She pays her taxes using an ECN. She says that back in Thailand she has her Master's Degree, and I believe her. She will get a temporary "Green Card". So if i marry her she won't get papers riyte away then.

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