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Or has watched the first season of “Freaks and Geeks” (and wondered why it got canceled) could tell you the benefits of dating a “nerdy” girl. You've seen her in the library with her nose in books like a modern-day, Muggle version of Hermione Granger. You may not know her name. Dating a nerdy girl – What you need to know. Pros of dating a nerdy girl.

Except in reality and not Zach Braff male dreamland, Natalie Portman is a Harvard-educated Oscar winner as well as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Figure out what she's interested in. Follow our Twitch Profiles too please? Geek girl are rare and I need them as much I can. Geeky girls have a strong tendency to decide what they like most about themselves and flaunt it, not for sexual purposes but because it makes them happy.

What do you get this girl? What’s the matter with Bonney? When I was dating, I made sure to put it in my profile and it got a lot of guys interested. When you really love something, you make the time. Whether it be a morning walk through the city or a night spent watching funny movies, she'll never be bored.

  • (You all know what I mean.
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  • After years of being made fun of, after years of having their interests relegated to being lame, nerd culture is now at the forefront of entertainment.
  • Ain’t no way she’ll miss the first five minutes of any film, even if she’s already seen it twice.

If she’s rewatching The Red Wedding scene, don’t even think about trying anything, buddy. If the girl you like is a bookworm, she has a good chance of being kind of shy around people she doesn't know well. If you date a nerdy girl, she may even play video games with you. If you’re dating someone who main interests include celebrity gossip and shopping for clothes (no judgment, since I love both those things), she’ll be hard to buy for.

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Check out popular games like Mario and Minecraft.Comic book stores, game stores, video game stores are all great places to add to your list of frequent stops, both for finding friends and dates.Computer time, or any other screen time, can be a mutual pastime!
  1. Also if I'm dating someone who isn't a gamer they tend to not understand the whole play a game for a few hours instead of going out all the time thing.
  2. An English major and Economics minor, Keana has completed journalism opportunities at KYW Newsradio 1060, WHYY and the Philadelphia Inquirer, while also having had developed financial skills as a Girls Who Invest Scholar and Asset Management Intern at PNC Financial Services.
  3. And kind of odd, nerdy girls are the most diverse "species" of girl.
  4. And she is not married to ex-sitcom star and mixtape maker Braff.
  5. At G4, she hosted the popular show Attack of the Show!
  6. This is a girl with an open mind, who worships storytelling. This, in all reality, can be something your girlfriend says to you, if she’s a geek. Though, her Newsroom character was more of a money nerd, but a nerd nonetheless. Try breaking the ice by asking her questions about her favorite book and not to skip any details. Try to share each others interests! Us nerdy ladies are definitely out there, don't give up hope! Well, unless you’re, who is a goddess at 70 years old.

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    One of the (many) wonderful things about nerdy chicks is that they're not high-maintenance. Please upgrade your browser now in order to access Yahoo. Praise the girl who doesn’t need to take 15 photos of her outfit for an #OOTD post.

    I have a list of reasons a mile long and will happily talk to you about them until you fall asleep and I have to wake you up so I can finish my reasons. I know it's creepy but it's going to happen because I am so exciiiiiiited to share this with youuuuuu. I know it’s hard to grasp when you’re looking at someone like or, but beauty is not forever.

    Realistically, you find these quirky passions sexy because they're what set her apart from every other girl out there walking around the street. Remember when I said nerdy girls aren’t extra or thirsty? Say "hi" to her everyday, talk about school, and soon she'll feel more eager to talk to you. Scotti does not seem to think that geeky girls wear make-up. Secondly, we are not going to equate to an unconventional form of.

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    Men Should Date Geek Girls Because They're "Low Maintenance, Meek, and Easy to Please"? My first actual commentary, even though it may be unrelated to video games I still think that this had to be stated! Never feel overwhelmed searching for another resource again. No sexism, racism, homophobia, ad hominem posts, or rudeness will be tolerated.

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    You either have to appreciate that or get out of the way. You need to date a nerdy girl. You need to enjoy talking to her! You probably aren't going to score with the first random hot cosplay chick you see.

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    I've been meeting way too many women that I have nothing in common with. If I work on myself (career, health, fashion, maturity, interest level) and actively look for a nerdy girl, do you think its possible to find one? If she dresses in pleated skirts and is fluent in Japanese and likes to rave about Soul Eater, Death Note, or Naruto, then she is an anime fangirl, otherwise known as an 'otaku' or 'weeaboo'. If she just smiles shyly at you, take the initiative and say "What's up?

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    Now don't get me wrong, I believe that you don't have to have the completely same interests to be compatible, so I wouldn't count anyone out just because they're not nerdy or geeky or a gamer. Often geek girls find themselves socially rejected by peers early on because of their eccentricities, enthusiasm, or general unconventionality. Oh, and if you happen to have a shared interest – like Breaking Bad or Star Trek – well, get ready for some deep, deep conversation.

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    It might scare "normal" women with "basic bitch" interests away, but it doesn't sound like that's the type of woman you're interested in anyway. It shows her that you're interested in what she has to say. It’s not about her making an effort to be quirky, it’s about expressing herself and her obsessive drives. I’m talking about a girl who cried while seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, because she was just so happy to have a good sequel to the Star Wars franchise.

    1. BUT she’ll also be dressed up like Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, or Princess Leia, so who cares?
    2. Be prepared for friendly arguments about which season of a TV show is the best.
    3. But I know one thing most geeky girls can unite behind: they are smart enough to know when they’re being fetishized by lazy misogynists and they have enough self-worth to weed that crap out of their lives.
    4. But if your sh*t falls apart with your geeky girlfriend, I reckon it'll be a whole lot harder to find a girl whose eyes light up at the prospect of Coen brothers movies and delivery pizza.
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      But she won’t fault you for staying up until 4:36am to win that 1939 edition of Detective Comics, y’know the one in which Batman was first introduced.

      How dare geeky girls who don’t straighten their hair daily and obsess over Star Trek dream of handsome, erudite, talented men loving them? I don’t want to say I’m against the concept of Netflix and chill, because who would be against the concept of watching a movie and getting laid? I enjoy dating nerdy girls/gamers, but I do have some gamer friends who have expressed frustration about always being treated as one of the guys.

      They either have gone, or are planning to go to dressed as their favorite characters, and have a knack for keeping the pages of their comics flat and straight, as if freshly printed for years. They nearly always know how to code, and have their own website and/or blog. They're getting married in a few months. This Comic Book Is The Geeky, Feminist Answer To Bad Dating Advice. This involves splitting up your long posts into paragraphs, and proper punctuation and grammar.

      Especially if you dress like that every day. Every new tab displays beautiful Flickr photos and your most recently visited sites. Everything is so easy, I don't get a frown if I put on my Achievement hunter t-shirt, if I sit & play Rainbow Six all day she only interrupts to ask if I'm hungry. Exactly why is that though?

      Dal 1969, la sua vita missionaria è stata spesa nelle terre del Sudan e Sud Sudan. Do you still think it’s a challenge to find one?

      Your typical girl may spend good money on makeup and clothes.

      There are many different types of nerds and knowing her type is one of the most important things you can do. There will never be a dull moment when you're dating these types of women because there will always be something that will spark her interest. There’s Star Wars and Star Trek. These girls would gladly go to the movie theatre with you, but don't be surprised if she pays more attention to the movie than to you.

      The sci-fi nerd: loves Star trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, and everything science fiction. The truth is that to land the geeky girl of your creepily -informed dreams, you probably need to step up your game. Then you can start talking to her about it and see if she opens up.

      She’s happy enough to stay at home, binge-watching Luke Cage and not posting a thirsty, extra, or extra thirsty selfie. Shrug my fiancé is not as big of a gamer as I am, but it's healthy to have hobbies that are different. Some of us don’t like make-up or primping. Sorry but its true. Subscribe to Elite Daily's official newsletter, for more stories you don't want to miss. Suffice to say, she has the deck to beat you in 100,000 rounds of Magic: The Gathering.

      If she sees a book in your hands, she would look your way to see what you're reading and even ask how the book is. If she spends all day and night working on or planning out her science project then she is a science nerd. If she’s into cosplay, she might be a lot extra and a lot thirsty.

      That said, you’d better get to know a geek girl on an individual basis before you assume that, as Scotti said, she loves Game of Thrones and you find yourself unprepared for the ranting storm you’ve unleashed over the representation of women in the books versus on the TV show. The Walking Dead comes from a graphic novel series about zombies. The best part about a nerdy girl is that she’s down for hours and hours of television without the sex.

      That almost counters the pervasive pop culture trope that any unremarkable schlub of a man automatically deserves a hot, loving partner, as demonstrated by Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, Kevin James, and Adam Sandler to name a few! That being said, she’ll likely be interested in and open to your interests. That is until she actually makes you sit down and watch the originals and Han Solo becomes your #1 guy crush forever.

      Geeky girls offer just that respite. Girl geeks may be geeks, but they are first and foremost women. Girlfriend has a lot to talk about. He showed support for my analytic approach to everyday questions, and I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts & random observations & researches with him. Her enthusiasm is not for your amusement. Her husband is totally supportive of her passions and is an outstanding sous chef.

      She ended meeting this other dude, they started dating, they called it off for a bit, and then she found out she was pregnant. She might even take a load off your back when she offers to help your mother with her new computer. She's smarter than you. She’s already a librarian-in-training.

      The long story short here is that a nerdy girl won’t be extra or thirsty. The mark of any geek can be picked up pretty quickly, especially if they rattle off lists of things they love (be they invasive species of mosquitos or post-punk record labels or intersectional feminist writers). The possibility of her snobbishness aside, inviting her into your obsessions and passions will likely result in her being obsessed and passionate too.

      Maybe she's an optimist (in which case, try not to be a Debbie Downer), perhaps she's cynical towards the human race (try not to anger her too much, and instead get on her good side), or it's possible she's a thoughtful person with an open mind, but it's also possible she's arrogant and snobbish. Maybe try a search or one of the links below? Men Should Date Geek Girls Because They're "Low Maintenance, Meek, and Easy to Please"?

      I only play 1 or 2 games every once in a while, so whoever I find will most likely be way nerdier than me. I'd discount online dating for the most part. I'm an eleven-year-old bookworm of a boy. I'm on a health journey myself and have lost 80 lbs, so I would be a hypocrite if I only wanted the SUPER HOT GIRLS anyway. I'm one myself and know tons of them. I'm telling you: That's the type of sh*t you'll miss.

      • Afterwards she gets kind of embarrassed.
      • I mean, that’s just how it works when you’re in a relationship, but the good thing here is that her interests may be a lot of fun.
      • I've had the same thing happen to me and it's frustrating as hell.
      • While you may think all nerds everywhere are into Star Wars, that’s not true.

      In fact, this girl is probably a champion of midnight movie viewings. In the deep of her mind, she is also looking for a boy who can understand her. Invite her to your favorite movies and sporting events. It looks like nothing was found at this location. It might be a good idea to find out where she stands on the issue, especially if you lean more towards the latter, more than the former.

      Keep learning and take care of your brain fitness. Kids, just like every other idiot on okcupid. Know the games people play, know the storylines to tv shows or comics, etc. LOL I'm like a 6 1/2 to 7 gamer chick but I am picky AF on dating sites. Many others believe, like Scotti, that geek girls mean less effort and more shared interest.

      Who but a fellow geek could understand your need to spend 12 hours a day in front of a screen? Wouldn’t it be nice to do your own thing, and know that your girlfriend will let you know if something really exciting happened? Yes, I know it's a TV show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but yes, it is one of the great shows of all time. You don't have to be up on Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, AND Lost, but maybe do me a solid and pick one that you can kind of like, maybe.

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