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Regular meetings of the College of DuPage Board of Trustees are held once each month on the main campus in Glen Ellyn. The public is welcome to attend these meetings. The packet of materials for each Board Meeting is available 48 hours prior to the meeting and is accessible by clicking on the link below. Home · Multimedia Services; Audio/Video - Board of Trustees Meetings.

In May 2014, College of DuPage president Robert Breuder wrote a private email to the trustees, in which he stated that they needed to come up with a reason to get a $20 million grant that the state had approved years earlier but had not yet disbursed to the college. In September, Andrzejewski published an article in Forbes magazine criticizing Breuder and Board of Trustees and praising Hamilton.

Subsequent to the Hamilton's censure, she continued her public efforts to implement fiscal responsibility and was the only member of the board to vote against a taxpayer-funded $760,000 early retirement buyout of the college president’s contract. The Waterleaf lost $560,000 in its first year of operation (2012) and losses for 2013 are not disclosed.

Consider the COD's very own Five Days of Christmas party during which $9,254. Corruption is a more appropriate term. Criticized the college president's actions and the board's censure of Hamilton. Daily Herald Business Ledger. During one evening, on November 6, 2013, Breuder even needed a bartender change of shift to accommodate the late night drinking (a bottle of Nautilus, two Miller Lites, a Honey Bourbon, Pomelo SBG, and three Diet Pepsis).

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This restaurant --with more than $192,000 of wine and wine accessories purchased over the past three years. Thomas Glaser is the Treasurer at COD and previously held a similar position, Chief Financial Officer for Cook County in the administration of the legendary county boss John Stroger (1995-2007). Three candidates who campaigned under the banner “clean slate” won all three seats. To acknowledge that there is a severe lack of accounting control at COD is an understatement.

She told reporters that the college tuition has risen 18 times in 20 years and is the highest of any community college in Illinois. She was chosen as chairwoman after the election of three "clean slate" candidates backed by Hamilton in April 2015. She wrote letters to several newspapers to share her concerns.

By September 2014, the college president's email became public after a government watchdog group called For The Good of Illinois, run by Adam Andrzejewski, filed a (FOIA) request. By using this site, you agree to the and. Chicago, Illinois: Cumulus Media. Children's Dyslexia Center of Metropolitan Chicago. Clair, Stacy; Cohen, Jodi S.

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At the upscale campus hotel.

I was the only board member that opposed that investment. If COD officials want to secure state money again, they had better show they run a place that respects free speech, that tolerates dissent. In 2012, she was elected as Trustee of the local community college and won with the most votes in the school's fifty-year history. In August 2014, the Board of Trustees formally Kathy Hamilton for inappropriate conduct.

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Hamilton is a registered and holds a BA and an MBA in finance. Hamilton publicly supported all three candidates’ campaigns. Hamilton sits on the board of the Children's Dyslexia Center of Metropolitan Chicago and serves as director of a local ballet company. Hamilton was chosen as the new chairwoman of the board at the first board meeting after the election.

Kathy Hamilton is an Illinois elected official who serves as the chairwoman of the Board of Trustees at the, a community college in the Chicago suburbs. Kathy Hamilton stands four foot eleven, is a mother of two, a classic violinist, and a director at her local ballet. Kathy Hamilton was elected by voters to the College of DuPage Board of Trustees on April 8, 2013. Magazine praised her efforts to require public transparency of the college's finances.

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  • " He also proposed a plan to apply political pressure to Illinois Governor during Quinn's commencement address to graduating students.
  • " Payments made from the fund had been hidden from the trustees and the public.
  • "COD eyes cut to property tax, tuition; Some are wary of plan to deplete massive reserves".

Hamilton was the only trustee to vote no. Hamilton's six-year term expires in 2019. Her term as a trustee of the college has been marked with controversy for her, the college and the college’s top administrators. I felt the project warranted further analysis and definition of scope in terms of funding.

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At the next Board of Trustees meeting after the letter was published, board chairman Erin Birt chastised Hamilton.
  1. After Andrzejewski filed the FOIA, he learned that the college president's office ran a special fund called an ".
  2. After all, half a million dollars isn't enough to satiate Breuder's refined taste for other people's money.
  3. After the election, Hamilton’s lawyer wrote a letter to the state attorney general and local prosecutor to ask for action to prevent the outgoing board from holding any meetings until the newly elected board members officially begin their tenure.
  4. On April 7, 2015, a local election was held for three of the board’s six seats. On the board, she held the position of vice chairman until April 2015. Please do not remove this message until. Please keep November 4 in mind. President Robert Breuder has led the way in lavishing himself and others with fine food and drink.

    1. A local newspaper, published Hamilton's letter on July 8, 2014.
    2. Adam Andrzejewski, Founder, OpenTheBooks.
    3. Additional terms may apply.
    4. In February 2014, College of DuPage administrators asked the Board of Trustees to raise tuition by $6 per credit hour. In July, COD was exposed for paying up to $27,000 in fees and private membership dues at the presidents shooting club. In June 2014, the Board of Trustees approved a $50 million classroom construction project, which included the $20 million grant from the state, as part of a $500 million expansion program.

      When the administration came under media scrutiny in 2014 for a number of incidents related to its spending practices, Hamilton made national headlines for trying to make public the details of the college's spending. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the, a non-profit organization.

      1. "[Hamilton] publicly embarrassed her fellow elected board members and the college administration.
      2. (The Forbes article published a photo of Breuder standing over the dead elephant).
      3. A Senior Management Team Holiday party wasted $3,572.
      4. A building that focuses on teaching and learning is politically attractive; more so than let's say a student center, PE facility, etc.
      5. Following her censure, local and national media outlets published stories supporting Hamilton and chastising the college. Following the censure, the Chicago Tribune published an editorial that characterized the censure as "a teeny-bopper temper tantrum," criticized president Breuder and chairman Birt, and defended Hamilton's right to express her concerns to the media about her opposition to the classroom construction project.

        And the sense of entitlement continues to build not just with Breuder but with the entire leadership structure of COD.Another example of largesse: House Account #10 - COD President's fund for eating and drinking.At the last board meeting in October, Glaser pulled his 13 college accountants and put them behind the podium.

        Many payments violated the $75 statutory limit on gift bans, which is also board policy. My idea: a Teaching and Learning Center. On April 20, Hamilton and her slate of newly elected trustees passed a vote to put college president Robert Breuder on administrative leave.

        The buyout also became a widely covered event in the media and invoked negative reactions from the local community and several Illinois state legislators. The censure passed with two no votes and one abstention. The editorial wrote, "Folks, this is called debate.

        Prior to serving in public office, she was a certified public accountant (CPA). Public bodies are supposed to have sharp, vigorous, full-throated debate. Relevant discussion may be found on the. She formerly worked in international corporate finance and holds an MBA in finance from. She has ferociously battled corrupt practices and an imbedded culture of insider trading. She is married with two children.

        Governor Quinn called the incident "extremely alarming" and canceled the grant. Hamilton and other trustees opposed the increase. Hamilton and two other trustees still opposed the increase and voted against it; the Board of Trustees appproved it by a margin of one vote.

        And he's even racked up 14 nights for $1,429.

        She opposed a tuition hike; spoke out against the college's attempt to get a $20 million grant from the state; pushed for transparency following the exposure of the college president spending college funds on personal items; and openly criticized the college’s spending and accounting practices. She received 51,595 votes, with the second-place winner getting 32,433 votes.

        In June, a few months after becoming chairwoman, Hamilton announced a plan to lower tuition by $5 per credit and reduce the local tax levy by 5 percent. In June, the College of DuPage (COD) lost a $20 million state construction grant because of corruption.

        Included $807 in booze, and a Board of Trustees "retreat" dinner squandered another $1,005. Including $1,553 in booze, a Holiday Board of Trustees dinner ($2,331. It seems everybody who is somebody at COD is on the gravy train. It's steaks, ribs, filet and crème brulee. Kathy Hamilton for College of DuPage Trustee.

        Therefore, it's mystifying to many that the Board of Trustees and Senior Management Team have instituted zero reform measures- only Vice Chairman Kathy Hamilton has battled for reform. These payments were deliberately hidden from the public and board meetings lacked basic transparency. This also happened after the board awarded the president a. This page was last edited on 2 September 2017, at 08:41.

        In September, COD won a national "Golden Hammer" award for hiding $96 million in "Imprest" accounting payments that weren't disclosed to the public or trustees. In gifts, dinners, and alcohol flowed to COD senior managers and trustees. In her statement against the tuition hike, Hamilton said that the increase was unnecessary and irresponsible, referencing the college's $140 million cash reserve.

        • "New College of DuPage board sidelines beleaguered president; Move puts Breuder on paid administrative leave, even after he got medical leave from the school, which is facing criminal probes, angry lawmakers".
        • "On multiple occasions, Trustee Hamilton has publicly stated that only she is looking out for the taxpayers, erroneously implying that the remaining six (6) board members and college administrators are irresponsible and derelict in their duties.

        Following these events, she was formally censured by the college's board of trustees. For 40 minutes, they tried to say "we're clean. For the Senior Management Team and Board of Trustees, the litany of charges reads like an all-you-can-eat country club feast: crab cakes, gnocchi, scallops, Carpaccio, duck, salmon, bass, matelote, Bavarian cake, and porchetta. Gave the college its Golden Hammer Award, which the newspapers uses to spotlight waste, fraud and abuse in government.

        The fund was used to pay for some of Breuder's personal expenses, including $27,931 for membership dues at a private shooting club, along with money for satellite phones for a trip to Africa, where Breuder shot and killed an African elephant. The request for additional classroom space should have included a complete assessment of current and future needs. The three returning board members were the only trustees to vote against Hamilton as chairwoman. There are many voters in our district.

        All of this, of course, has been funded by the hard working students and over-taxed property taxpayers of DuPage County.All this eating and drinking on the job occurred at the upscale French restaurant at COD, The Waterleaf.Among Hamilton's supporters in voting against the censure was trustee Kim Savage, who had joined Hamilton in voting no against the tuition hike earlier in 2014.

        In response to learning about the imprest fund, Hamilton successfully passed a transparency initiative that forces the college to publicly post on the Internet all payments made through the imprest fund. In response, administrators lowered their request to $4 per hour. In short, that they run a college. In the letter, Hamilton wrote, "Recently, the COD board voted on a $50 million building for new classrooms.

        Before the October 17, 2013 board meeting, the Trustees feasted on filet mignon, pork chop, toffee pudding sorbets, bread pudding, salmon, potato puree, chicken mousse, French onion, vegetable strudel, halibut, duck breast, steak salad and more. Breuder wrote in the email, "When I introduce Governor Quinn at commencement, I want to help our cause (obtaining the $20 million sooner rather than later) by thanking him for his commitment in front of 3,500 people.

        Breuder wrote, "I needed to identify a project that would help release our state funding. But he's also been compensated for another $10,864. But thanks to the, we are starting to gain insight into how the elected trustees and entire management/oversight structures at COD have "gamed the system for personal gain. But the facts tell another story.

        Using "House Acct #10," Breuder has not only charged at least nine "board of trustee dinners" to the tune of $10,466. Was spent on a Christmas gift of steak and ribs to the Senior Management Team ($2,345. We know this because the college during his tenure as president.

        • The censure stated that Hamilton publicly embarrassed board members; sent text messages from her phone during board meetings and refused to submit her text messages for public record; and that she had made inappropriate comments to board chairman Erin Birt at a public meeting.
        • Here are the details: during a five day period in December 2013, $9,254.
        • Most of these food and alcohol charges flowed through the Imprest hidden payment scheme or other hidden accounting tricks at COD.
        • His leave coincides with internal investigations being conducted by the board into various practices the school allegedly did in recent years.
        • In October, COD was forced to publically acknowledge "possible fraud" in the radio station for possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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