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Looking for a submissive, loving Christian woman. I am seeking a woman for a domestic discipline style relationship. Christian Domestic Discipline Sites. Christian Singles Domestic Discipline (Yahoo List).

  • A women who was left on her own, by either death or desertion, may need to support children and does deserve the same opportunities that a man does to do so.
  • There is a tremendous amount of hatred towards men now.
  • I think men should be free to capitalize on their strengths in a relationship and I do hope I find one who will let me be in his company!
  • Also, CDD dictates that the only way a marriage can be successful is if the woman can be taught to behave in the "correct" fashion (as determined by her husband), and be sufficiently submissive (both inside and outside of the bedroom).

And I have no doubt that there are same-sex couples and polyamorous groups who practice Domestic Discipline, with a different determination of roles that is not gender based. And graceless traitor to her loving lord? And show me a woman who appreciates being a woman, be it cooking, cleaning, being wise with money, and not being a drama queen, and I will show you a healthy happy woman. And what about when a man makes a mistake?

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Women who are career oriented and self sufficient are in demand, rather than a woman that would go out of her way to provide a pleasant home and provide loving support to their spouses. XOJane blogger Laura Rubino, too, notes that during her, most posts from the women are positive. You can always count on friends for good advice. You will not find a man who is intact.

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Does the wife get to spank the husband if he behaves poorly? Everyone has different definitions of what something means to them. Get our weekly roundup of the best of Weddingbee. His criticisms and insults are meant to help her improve her many flaws.

BTW, in any sensible family, the baby would get bathed first, not last. Being married should not reduce either partner to a servile position. Being taken in hand is not a lifestyle. Blogs and websites abound written by and for women advocating this practice. Disclaimer: You are leaving a Gizmodo Media Group, LLC website and going to a third party site, which is subject to its own privacy policy and terms of use. Do you mean spanking in a dirty way?

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"There is a tremendous amount of hatred towards men now.

On the other hand, even for couples who don't explicitly experience the abusive dynamic as such, their aversion to seeing the practice as sexual leads to unsatisfying communication between the two. Only she never reaches her potential, she is never good enough. Our culture breaks the boys at 3 years old. Receiving discipline in the bedroom seems like just a sexually charged way to act out deep rooted power dynamics. She is in total consent so let’s not start with “this is abuse”.

  1. " And, whom are we to train into righteousness and peace?
  2. " Others, because they're "victims.
  3. " The only difference is that the submissive partner has no power at all to decide what the rules should be.
  4. Within the ideology of a religion, and the walls of a home that operates according to a specific (and male) interpretation of that religion, can free will for women truly exist? Women may be ultimately responsible for everything that happens in the family, from weekly menus to THE HAPPINESS OF EVERYONE AROUND HER [emphasis added], but it is an honour.

    No matter how strong, tough and forceful a Taken In Hand wife may be, and no matter how hard she might try to take control in their marriage, she would be aghast if her husband were to let her get the upper hand. Of course, the degree of breakage varies, but there's still enough to taint too many marriages and lead to situations in which most women really have been oppressed.

    "They argue that they deserve to practice their religion in any way they see fit and to interpret the Bible in their own way."This is a horrifying trend -- bizarre, twisted, unbiblical and un-Christian," Fischer, a former pastor, said in an email.A hairbrush, for example, is "excellent for achieving the desired sting" but can break easily.

    According to the Beginning Domestic Discipline packet, the husband's means of addressing his own mistakes is to give his wife a "very heart-felt and sincere apology", and then to "make a genuine, conscious effort to prevent the mistake from happening again. After the spanking, they are granted a clean slate. All sorts of women hate men, and yet we're expected to pursue them.

    Most people have no idea that is the case, however, and read it and take it for face value, and that is when it gets interesting. My husband may have all the power, but that’s actually a burden that he is selflessly removing from my shoulders. My lady understands what this means, if she really is still my lady.

    I don't know any man who is _against_ the happiness and fulfillment of women. I don’t find that sexy at all. I don’t view these relationships as strange, de-humanizing, or problematic in any way. I feel it takes a tremendous amount of trust, faith and courage for a woman to be in this type of relationship. I figured since she had been so loud and I was a wild west woman (laughing) that I damn well better speak up.

    A young, recently married woman was asking for advice about her relationship with her new husband.

    It's a tailor-made excuse for any personal shortcoming, too. It's not surprising that a woman would unable to articulate her needs within a CDD power dynamic, since she has little, if any, deciding power. It’s recommended that the HoH essentially “walk” the submissive partner through the conversation and let them do most of the talking/thinking. I’ve heard of it, and it’s not something I would do, but happy marriages come in all shapes and sizes.

    They were the truth. This is a rather androgenic viewpoint. To create a healthy home environment. Too little payment for so great a debt. We are fulfilled in our obedience to God’s will.

    I just want to get to the bottom of what happened. I made some research on the topic and I come up with a great website in which you can find half MILLION Christian worldwide. I remember after Ron died and I was at the store shopping and a couple was headed to the check out stand and the husband noted he wanted some chips because there was a football game on later that day. I try to have a very open mind about the way people choose to live their lives.

    1. " and saying, "So what if you're good at that, my clothes need washing.
    2. "But there is no place where husbands are instructed to make their wives do it or punish them if they don’t.
    3. I understand the basic dynamics of this type of relationship to include elements of a Dominant/Submissive relationship with Discipline. I want to hear your side of the story. If a woman wants to entrust her future with me, all I can say is that I'll do my best.

      What you think you want. When a follower of the movement decides what to hit his God-fearing wife with, research is important. When he lost his job during the Depression, she went to work. When they are bound to serve, love, and obey. While have existed for years, the. Who can recommend a good social site to.

      If you read a lot of the forums here, you see men hostile when they divorce women that once stayed home to raise children being a financial drain on them. In case you don’t know, DD is when a husband punishes (primarily by spanking) his wife for bad behavior. Is There Any Good Dating Sites For Domestic Discipline / Taken In Hand / Ds Relationship? It can be used as motivation as well. It might not look exactly like the traditional picture, but it will feel right because it will _be_ right.

      I’ve never really heard of it, but I don’t see anything wrong w/ it if it’s consensual. Many of them report feeling extremely calm and relaxed after being disciplined, and believe it is an expression of their husband caring about them enough to help them modify their behaviour. Men are granted more freedoms than women -- such as the freedom to behave as they choose without consequence. Most of the women who write about their CDD experiences online are not complaining.

      The guy got his chips. The idea of being spanked, or receiving physical discipline, because I need it to help me rein in my "bad behaviour" makes me highly uncomfortable. The important aspect of that speach is not what is written, but what is implied, what is not written. The moral development at that age is about privileges and consequences, competition and jealousy.

      How am I supposed to respond when he thinks that a spanking will fix everything and reset things between us yet there's no discussion involved? I Love Lucy was a sitcom, and if it was done on that show, it was meant to be funny. I agree with you, it seems in today's society, we are plagued with emaculating men. I am bringing it into the conversation to specifically address this issue of free will. I can't be that submissive in a marriage.

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      That's a good reason to know someone, by talking about lots of things with them and seeing them in different situations, before you commit yourself too far. The abuser claims to want his partner to fulfill her potential, to grow and learn and to better herself. The following article states what I was referring to when I mentioned “dominant” and “submissive” in my opening post: //www.

      She justifies his actions by stating: “I respect him and know he’s the master of me as I married him. She needs the discipline. TCM had an old episode of the D*ck Cavett Show on Thursday night late, and Katherine Hepburn was the quest and she was noting that women miss out on a lot when they forget what a wonderful thing it is to be a woman.

      A woman who yearns for fulfillment, is as honest about it as Femme, and who is willing to cooperate with a man who is also honest, is a rare find in my experience.

      Thank you for your anticipated respectful responses. Thanks again for your candid and respectful responses. That is why men became so focused on their privileges as indicators of their identity that they couldn't see women as equals. That would stress me the fuck out.

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