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Contact Apple support by phone or chat, set up a repair, or make a Genius Bar appointment for iPhone, iPad, Mac and more. You can buy online, chat, or call (800) MY–APPLE (800–692–7753), 7 days a week from 7:00 a. You can get information about an. Want to talk with someone?

Empathy only comes from actually being in the same situation, sympathy is when you can only imagine what it's like. For example, Apple showed off a conversation where the consumer could actually choose their airline seat without having to open a separate app. How does that sound? However, for simple issues, I wish there was a polite way to say "just need the question answered quickly, thanks".

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Without added words like, "that’s exactly what I would feel" people would feel like the chat support is talking down to them instead of talking with the person in a more conversational and friendly way. Ya, I guess some people are easily won over. Yeah, its one of my faves, thanks for asking! Yeah, they're human, but they're trained to provide generic, HP-level service rather than Apple-level service. You can kind of tell those responses are real.

Some issues they don't give you the option to chat. Source: I was a trainer at Apple. Thanks for this great share, I posted it to my wall. That free copy of text expander is your friend when jumping between chats. The Apple Support app is designed to be an on-the-go version of the Apple Support website. The chat has some automated templates to use for common problems or common FAQ.

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I've explained this to my last 3 bosses. I've had a few customers laugh at me when I give them a statement for a simple or not too serious issue. Ideally I would like to give my father access to only the lights in the lounge and not in my bedroom. If I can find the handbook I read, I'll add the link to it. If I had that problem I'd be calling in too!.

The company I work for has a similar but slightly different set of different customer types. The new AppleCare website is easier for users to follow and it groups product categories in more understandable fashion. The proper place for advice is.

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Do you enjoy the holiday? Does anyone else have any experience with Apple chat? Earlier this month, to its online AppleCare support portals.

It was for an in-home AppleCare advisor. It will usually arrive within about one to five business days. It's sad how many college graduates lack social skills necessary in work and life (horror stories from H. Just tried on the German site, chat is available there as well. Loneliness Illustrated So Beautifully You Will Need To Tell Someone (//www.

No company wants their employees twiddling their thumbs for three minutes waiting for someone to type their paragraph when there are other customers that need help too. No simple and/or easily searched support questions. Obviously the first two or three messages are sent by the computer to ensure you're still there before the support agent wastes their time. Of course, you can simply type your messages.

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While the pay might not be "great", I make more than any of my friends in college, while working less hours, better hours (I choose the hours I work), and get great benefits, all for a job that is not difficult and is a joy to do. With it, I can sometimes have a problem resolved before they finish sending me their first message, provided it's one of the easier issues we deal with and they're either a slow typist or overly verbose.

You had to be available to work part-time hours, including either Saturday or Sunday, hours to be determined. You have to provide each customer with the illusion that they're the only person you're focusing on right now, so you have to respond quickly.

Human but lots of them use pre written statements for common issues so they can copy and paste for speed! I agree with OP that it's patronising and I'll make a decision about trusting them based on how knowledgeable they are. I also think Apple is a great company and they've always resolved my issues/answered my questions when I have talked to them so at the end of the day I'm a very happy customer. I always found it exhausting, but it's a useful communication skill to have.

Apple stresses the former.As someone who had to go through some apple training to work at an ASP store that is protocol response another one would be "you're trying to repeats customer issue is that right?Check out the featured articles, or select a product that you wish to get support for, search or browse a support topic, and view the available support options.

They're probably chatting with two or three other people. This can lead to some rather mechanical conversations, especially in chat where most people use TextExpander. This method is used for the masses the 95% of people who are easily patronized. Today was the real introduction, with a session at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference. Unfortunately, you have to weed through vendors, burned out employees, and advisors who don't care enough before you find the ones who do care.

One of them called me after talking for a bit, I actually asked how much of that conversation was written by her, and she said that she sent all the messages, but they have to stick to a strict enquire, acknowledge/relate, respond/compliment process. Otherwise, the store is good if you need a quick answer done or a repair done. Please include your IP address in your email. Provide the version numbers of your operating system and relevant applications, for example "iOS 6.

Is it available for anyone or only those that payed for extended warranty? Is still widely used amongst AppleCare Support. It took him over an hour to come to a resolution.

I can get A picture of it and I am back at my house tomorrow. I don't know about the US ones but here in Italy they're definitely humans, I can tell by the gestures I know they're making behind their keyboard. I don't work for Apple, but I do chat for a living. I entered my Apple ID before starting the chat, but sure, you may see it again. I had a problem where my power block for my rMBP wouldn't work. I had soooooo many snippets for just about every scenario.

Most chat support folks run 2-3 dialogues at once and heavily rely on their blanket answers, which is why they seem extra "robot"-ish. Most of them don't like it any more than you do. My issue was resolved but it could have been resolved in 1/5 the time if they had just dropped all the frivolities. My question was: How do I give specific permissions on a per-room basis in the Apple Home app?

  1. And they've been great too!
  2. Anti-social networking and a dependence on tech to create a "perfect" edited persona have created a world of false idealism with a crispy anti-social coat.
  3. Anti-social networking and a dependence on tech to create a "perfect" edited persona have created a world of false idealism with a crispy anti-social coat.
  4. Apple Support, the comprehensive knowledge base of technical support information of Apple, has long been available through its along with its.
  5. I am not seeing anything yet on if you’re able to set what they can specifically can control. I believe points are deducted off in QA sessions if empathy statements aren't given, at least in the center I work in. I came in without a clue, and within a month of being on the phones, I was ranked in the top 10% of advisors in my role (which is quite a lot as you can imagine).

    I work with tech support at my school so I'm sure it's the same with many other institutions who have support. I'm in a chat session currently and I have a super simple question about the home app, and based on the replies I'm getting I feel like I'm talking to some sort of AI that's interpreting what I say and then finds a reply that kind of fits. I'm in customer service and we're taught to say similar things but when a customer comes in with a problem, I don't waste my time with any of that.

    I have been going in and out of Facebook precisely for this reason and someday, I will just bag it. I have searched for that but there is no chat option. I think it would be well received among your Home/Homekit users. I think it's all people in their own homes working from their laptops/desktops.

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    The response I got back "Wow, yea without the power block you wouldn't be able to charge your laptop". The updated site also is designed with a focus on connecting customers directly to an AppleCare support employee. Then "accidental" disconnects went up thorough the roof. They are people, but with chatters they mostly cut and paste the same responses.

    Really really artificial responses. Rep: Do you have any plans for Halloween? Shit, when my wife did chat at a different company, she'd sometimes have 7-10 chats going at once. Since you're talking to multiple people, you have to be able to respond fast. So he can control the lights in the lounge but not my room. So yes, for those of us who know more about technology, we don't need all the pleasantries, but that's not something the Advisor is going to know about you 30 seconds into the call.

    In line with our report, Apple has begun rolling out a redesigned to provide support and has also begun rolling out 24/7 live chat support. In most cases it's a way to assure you that you're working with someone with personal experience and is on your side or understands how you're feeling. In tech support, one is like a fire fighter who tries to save one person after another from burning buildings and then gets scolded for not showing the same panic the people in the houses have.

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    2. Alright, thanks for explaining that to me.
    3. And I think they have hot keys for certain copy pastes.
    4. And he happens to be a Good Judy too.
    5. And since Business Chat includes support for Apple Pay, that means customers can actually browse and buy products from within the chat.
    6. Choose a product and we’ll connect you to an expert by phone, chat, email, and more.Countless arguments in meetings with management about how diving attention between multiple customers is dividing your customer satisfaction rating, and how robotic the H2H plan was (in theory it's great but when used as a script, we sounded like an Indian call-center).
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      I think some call center started rating employees based on number of calls answered. I told them how I broke my Apple Watch and they probably didn't care. I was at work recently and didn't want to talk on the phone about an issue, couldn't find the chat option, and the Twitter account said to call when I was available (ignoring my request to chat). I wondered this too so I started asking semi-random questions like where are you guys located?

      • Humans and crafty and will break your system.
      • I can definitely help you with that!

      Was the issue your own fault to begin with? We built a lot of text expander messages to begin with because the line level people you chat into are dealing with two or three chats at a time. Web chat representatives are usually talking to multiple people at once. When do you knock ofo today?

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      They are well trained and have a long list of SOPs that they have to follow, which can lead to some canned responses sometimes. They got a neat poster with all of the support members names on it in the shape of Apple logo. They have to respond off a script, similar to Dell support. They use lots of canned responses though. They're bots programmed to react to your questions with certain answers. They're just people doing their job.

      Apple has also begun to perform more iPhone repairs in house, electing to and other parts instead of providing device replacements.Apple has launched a newly redesigned that includes 24/7 live chat support, reports.Apple is now allowing developers and businesses to test and create integrations with Business Chat.

      In the case of LivePerson, CEO Robert LoCascio told me that businesses will be able manage their Business Chat conversations alongside their other customer service messages from within the LivePerson product. Include your product name and specs such as processor speed, memory, and storage capacity. Initially, the support was limited to certain hardware and software, but now Apple is supporting both Mac and iOS Device support at every hour of the day and night.

      1. "Where's the Start key?
      2. ("Oh gosh, I know that, if you're anything like me, I use my iPhone all the time, so I know exactly where you're coming from.
      3. A customer calling in, mostly those who were less than average when it comes to operating technology, truly felt comforted and almost seemed to not feel as bad about their issue at hand.
      4. A more natural response: "OK, let's see if we can solve this together.
      5. Ah by the way, I am always choosing USA as country, before online chat support.
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