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Chat live with DISH customer service for support and questions. Call our toll-free phone number or chat online. DISH customer care is here to help. Try searching our online support materials below or visiting our Support section to browse. And knowledgeable customer service representatives are here to listen.

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If Dish TV would of did proper credit check this would of not happened to me. Let them show you! Manages customer segmentation system (13MM+ customers).

I made sure that I had my bill paid & told them to stop my service. I said no so in order for my phone number to be the same I had to cancel Dish, and Spectrum and have Directv re-install their dish and ATT came out to re-do the internet and phone. I said to her, while holding back my tears, “Please ma’am. I talked to them twice a week for over a month and I was serious.

My TV service was connected just fine. My cell phone got let out in the rain and ruined, so I had to go to a friend's to call DISH and tell them to turn my service off - send me a box to return their equipment - and my final bill. Onze excuses voor het ongemak. Our tech was great. Over the years I have had many other providers and almost 4 years ago I stumbled upon Dish Network. Please do yourself a favor and get Netflix or ANYTHING other than DISH tv.

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Tap stars to rate 1 star: Bad – unacceptable experience, unreasonable and rude conduct. Tech was to text prior to coming. Thank you Dish for doing a great job! The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. The rep I spoke to "pushed the wrong button" and had the payment taken out of my bank account right then. The same say I got an email saying I had not returned all the equipment, which I had and was charged $99!

I then called Dish and they indicated that they had me scheduled for different appointment times/dates than what I had set up through their chat sessions. I told him I did NOT know if I could afford that. I was LOYAL TO DISH FOR 11 YEARS and may have gone back when internet improved but they lost my business forever over bogus charges. I was affected by Hurricane Harvey and told them that.

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I attempted to sign up for Dish by using their on-line chat option. I called up & did chat, to find out how to get 20 more feet of (RG6) coaxial cable since we wanted to move the TV to another wall. I cannot change a number I have had 55 years. I chose to cancel the order and payment, and start a new order, as I had payments set up to come out of my bank account in the next few days, so the money I had in the account had to be there. I decided to call and cancel my plan.

I don’t ever miss a local news broadcast away from home and I never miss any of my shows while traveling. I filed a consumer fraud complaint with the Attorney General. I had to miss work and my kids was sick and I was already so broke.

For less than I was paying for 2 DVRs, I got a full Hopper home TV/DVR with a box in all 3 of my bedrooms and one in the living room. For no known reason all my DVR programs I requested disappear. For our package and now that same package is $71.

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We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. Well I got a woman named Jessica on the phone. When I encounter someone who can't help me I disconnect and try again with a new associate. When I finally cancelled my service I got a bill for the comped service!

Why should I have to pay just because the installer didn't do his job correctly? Within the 60 day period, I called to cancel, and the "Senior Account Representative" refused to let me out of the contract because "there's no problem with your service. Within the first month I had to have a tech come and replace burned out equipment. Workers were polite and doing their job, but their hands were tied. Years without these problems before, and no internet or Blu Ray internet issues).

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Simply the lowest functioning service/company I've ever had to deal with in my life and I live in a seniors community so I've dealt with a number of companies and services in my lifetime. Since then I have had not one week where my service has gone out or my programming was interrupted. Since this appeared like an installation charge, I asked, but they would not even tell me what town the charge was for.

But when I called them out on it they miraculously "found" the equipment and dropped the charge.

You push a button on your dish remote control and nothing happens, usually several attempts to change a channel are required before the channel will change, the entire set up and actual workings of dish is pathetic.

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  • " But it never gets fixed.
  • " He said "I will take you off of Auto-Billing for now and give you 5 more days to pay your bill.
  • After speaking with 4 different people trying to cancel the service that because the box was changed that the years start over again.
  • Again was told that a technician would have to come out to perform repair.
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I was just in the most awful shape of my life. I will NEVER use DISH again, it is the sat TV from hell. I'm on a fixed income and can't afford to pay another carrier.

Coming from DirecTV, I couldn’t imagine what she could do to help me at this point. DISH is a Fortune 200 company with more than $15 billion in annual revenue that continues to redefine the. Dish Network has the worst customer service ever! Dish likes to play these little games where if you call in and complain they will give you a discount for several months and then it goes right back up again and then some. Ever since the upgrade was completed I have had problems.

Better to go without tv service than to go with dish.

Charge pending on my account to be taken out by GoDish. Charles customs service skill are poor at best had to ask 5 times for employee #.

  1. All I want is service that works.
  2. And No free Amazon Echo Dot.
  3. And when life gets tough, they always work with me.
  4. Answer, "Don't know, look for it on Youtube" And when you call to complain about all these bugs, they tell you "We're aware of the problems.
  5. I am an extremely dissatisfied customer of dish which is why I am switching to DirecTV as DirecTV actually has customer service. I am loyal and I got one of the highest packages. I asked what they expected me to do now, since they took money out of my account that they weren't supposed to, after telling me multiple times nothing would be taken out, so now I will have my car insurance payment, that was already set up to come out, returned, and an overdraft fee on my bank account.

    I have had a Hopper receiver since my service was first installed. I have to say it was the best install of any service I have ever had. I just got the hopper with sling and absolutely love it.

    So Dish comes and begins to install my new Hopper system, while the Dish Network installer was in my home, my phone rang. Something went wrong, mind trying again? Speaking with customer while accurately logging and recording customer information in to call center databasesTake back-to-back phone calls from DISH internal. Subscribe to email alerts for Baltimore Chat Customer Service Representative jobs at DISH Network.

    They messed up out HD port and said it was our TV even though it was working fine until the Tech set up the Dish. They never told me about that in the initial sales pitch or when the technicians were out here to put in the equipment. They only transfer you around, nobody listens. They told me I should report it to the local police department. They were not that worried about security in charging my credit card. They will not tell me where to send their equipment until I pay 450.

    From Dish who gets paid in the high 6 figures! He said he didn't do that and I had to call Dish and I called and was told that they didn't have service in my area! He stated the following; He would have to transfer me to the corporate office. He then set up a new order, telling me that the payment was scheduled to be withdrawn from my account at 3 am Sept. I am also the longest subscriber they have as I have been with them since they started until presently with no plans to change.

    The very NEXT day I got a call from DISH saying I had a charge $98 for "past due services" and charges for returning the boxes of equipment! Their Hopper system has more bugs in it than there are catholics in the Vatican. There seems to be many folks reporting them. They advised me of termination fee when they damaged my property and never followed up. They have left me hanging. They just don't care.

    • I called 3 times and they will not let the 450 go.
    • Que vous êtes une vraie personne.
    • They decided my business was worth an upgrade after 5 years.
    • We had problems from the beginning - when the wind would blow or if it would rain a little our DISH would go out.
    • There was also a third fraudulent charge for AUTOPAY/DISH NTWK800-333-3474CO for $187.

    This individual then responds with find the power cord on the back of the unit and follow it to make sure the unit is plugged in. This is the worst company that I have ever done business with and the worst customer service. Told 10 weeks before mailing plus 7 working days? Turns out that the repair order I signed was a agreement for a new contract is what I am being told. Want more channels at a great value?

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