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ASUS Support Center helps you to downloads Drivers, Manuals. A simple, reliable and quick way to contact our customer service department. Welcome to use ASUS Online Chat Service.

Beyond that you are owed nothing.But if I were to say "stabbing people isn't fucking harassment", you'd probably laugh at me.
  • "Holy shit, thanks for picking up.
  • A few days ago it shut down while I was in the middle of using it for no apparent reason.
  • AND they seem very eager to help.

Pictures of purchase or shipping related notifications and information. Plus, they will keep recommending and selling the apps with popups on your computer. Preferably one that will actually be there when you need them. Press “1”, Press”1”, and you will be directed right to a live customer service representative. Quieter and better performance than msi.

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Their tablet has tons of LCd issue and they finally decided to replace those. Then I would spend more time trying to get a hold of them again. Then it got damaged on the way back and I fixed it myself. Then you can consider your right to “revoke acceptance. There are also state laws in I believe every state that deal with warranties as well.

We wanted to check and see how incredible their live customer service was compared to their competitors. When I saw the specifications and price of their new desktop, M32CD, I was convinced to purchase it. When we call you back, we get paid again for making a call. When we’d exhausted power options, he tried to get me to update my visual drivers.

Cannot handle more than one window open in internet explorer without slowing everything down. Computer is being returned to Amazon. Contacted Nvidia once again, asked if their site is having issues: It's not.

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Yes, you can remove them but why should you have to use your time doing that before the laptop is actually usable? You assume that my disagreeing with you makes me not only ignorant, but inherently unqualified? You don't necessarily need a PC to be a member of the PCMR. Your argument is a semantic argument.

This did not work so the following is the email sent to me "In order to provide you with the correct BIOS password, we do need that date. This is actually quite misleading. This problem, and a clock that won't keep time = bad battery. This was back on January 4th, still no monitor. Time after the defect is discovered.

  • Get what you want immediately.
  • Perhaps you should step down from your high horse and get a clearer view.
  • They sent it back with it not even being repaired.
  • As a result, each entity was suddenly responsible for its own profitability.
  • Good luck to other customers and hope they do not receive the same treatment.

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While I cannot attest to the actual dollar amount charged for each call, I do know that phone calls generate the most income, followed by live chats, then emails. While messages should be returned within 2 hours, it’s often not the case, and generally messaging is done only long enough to clear the incoming call queue, so it’s unlikely you’d be messaged twice in that amount of time. Why should they give a reason? World class companies provide world class support.

There is a misconception among many people that as long as you don't physically assault someone, it's neither considered harassment nor assault, and that's not really the case - and you're potentially legally vulnerable if you do so. They also compete with higher-end stuff now, just look at their Z170 Extreme7+, Z170 OC Formula or Z170 Professional Gaming i7 (weird name huh? They are obligated to support the purchase by law and its interactions.

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All they are interested in is taking your money.Amazing to me that a company of this size can't get parts for their on computer and then say they can't even find one to replace it with.Asus is responsible for shipping back at Asus cost.

Generally speaking, returning a product to Asus (motherboards in particular), can mean a 2-3 week wait before you see your board returned to you. Get real customer insight and respond to your reviews. Having a look on newegg theres none listed in the 2 upper price brackets either. He got it and was obviously annoyed but stuck with me and helped me resolve the problem.

It's my first time to use this apps so i have no idea how fast and reliable this application, unless you can help me with my complain. It's now almost 15 weeks ago and I didn't see any money! It’s also a big improvement over last year, when I had to send the company a follow-up email after getting its attention on Twitter.

But they decline the warranty service. By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments and.

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To be unfailingly polite and pleasant (two things aren't the same), they've resolved nearly all my issues -- even when really they didn't have to, given that I was asking for help with items out of warranty, and sometimes relating to software. Twice the LCD Touchscreen Panel of Model Q501A failed. Waited a bit and contacted them again, new rep gave me a 2 day shipping label.

One time, my GPU was having some odd problems. Our technical support team are well experienced to help you. Our toll free number is 1-877-887-3557.

No referral or affiliate links/codes. Now its turned on only after pressing with a pin. Office supports all of North America including Canada as well as Western Europe.

I read the story you posted but if you cursed or anything towards them, that counts as harassment and they disconnect. I still have nothing from them. I suspected the new card was faulty but even after it was clearly not, NVIDIA's chat representative stayed online and suggested new ideas. I was left without a phone for 2 months and they charged me over $200 to fix a $500 phone because a nix in the bottom of the phone voided my entire warranty.

  1. ASUS is really bad on AMD GPUs, they don't cool the VRMs since they use the same radiator as on Nvidia cards, which have the VRMs on a different place.
  2. After navigating a brief automated menu, I was connected to a noiseless void in which I occasionally heard people chattering in the background.
  3. All other requests for donations (monetary or otherwise) are not allowed as per rule #8.
  4. My daughter called Asus and the Asus representative told my daughter that the laptop was under warranty. My first attempt was disastrous. My second call was during the workday on a Wednesday, around 12:30 p. MyASUS provides the answer to any ASUS-related issue, big or small.

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    I will never buy another ASUS product or deal with their shoddy nickle and dime repairs and horrible lying customer service agents ever again. I will not buy their product as a result. I would expect this manual to contain a motherboard layout and also explain the BIOS options. I've called Asus multiple times and I've received different advice every single time.

    Heres a cite for you. However, when I activated Eye Care, I noticed an intensity slider beneath the option. I asked how to activate Eye Care, and the Asus staff replied with a keyboard shortcut within an hour. I asked them every time what they would do about a replacement computer while mine was being repaired and they always said that I would just have to do without.

    At 1st the computer was jumpy and IE kept giving me the error: "IE has stopped working.At most, you're entitled to dead on arrival support, and even then; they really only have to support it for 30 days after purchase.At the end of this disaster, they promised me overnight shipping and then shipped it using three day service.

    I bought it to keep me entertained as I work away all week, isolated with nothing to do at night. I could never imagine that a customer care can be so incompetent. I emailed and heard nothing back. I explained the situation where my screen went blank and locked me out after a minute, and it took a while for him to arrive at the heart of the issue. I mean with no proof of the prior convo you had.

    Refused to give a refund and said they would continue to repair the laptop but in 6 moths it has worked properly for about two weeks so have absolutely no confidence their "third party" repair stores will fix the device. Screen glass is still perfect. Seller before paying for the goods. Señores,buenos días, necesito saber a que dirección de e mail me puedo dirigir para hacer una verificación de correspondencia de números de serie de la PC y el disco rígido con que salieron de fabrica.

    They convinced me, I dont know why I let them, to force restart my PC. They did NOT sell you customer support, and thus only need to provide you with a functioning version of the product for which you bought. They have good products but the support is shit. They replied it was not their policy to make changes to a pc!

    It’s no fun to invest $300 in a new top of the line board, only to have an issue with it and get one back that looks like Timmy kicked it down the street for half a mile before putting it in your box. Least they have live support, which is easy to find and use. Maybe their components are not the best out there but they make really reliable things. Morice also recommended that I reconnect to the chat after a restart, at which point he would try to update my drivers remotely.

    Could you possibly made it any more difficult to sign in a laptop? Damn, I recently bought a GTX 750ti from them. Do not attempt to circumvent this rule by any means. Even if you do a giveaway on the subreddit, you can not directly promote a specific giveaway happening elsewhere. Every time I call customer care, all I get is that the 3rd tier customer will give you a within 24 - 48 hours, but they call you back. Facebook support, on the other hand, made it difficult to find the proper page.

    Thank you very much. That's not my question, I asked three times as I need to know if it is possible to upgrade from 12 meg. The classified part makes me laugh, it's like my Toyota Corolla sport. The company will find a way to get out of honoring their warranty. The last time the computer was returned for a defective NIC - they replaced the wireless card. The touchpad not working and its a brand new laptop.

    Owning a console does not necessarily make you a. People now a days take good customer support for granted and think that for whatever reason they're legally obligated to do so. Personally I still do not want PC case without 1 slot for dvd drive.

    We are a community where many of its members share similar opinions about the main topics, and sometimes end up having private jokes amongst ourselves. We are expert in ASUS support. We are expert in ASUS support.

    Simply return the defective product for an exchange or refund. Some will cause they hate their job. Support both over the phone and online was a mixed bag. Take it b Talk to you and support you returning it or fixing the broken product. Terrible service the repair ticket they sent back does not even tell what they repaired.

    Being responsible for procurement, I am positioned on the front line of purchase, support, and repairs.

    If you already have a case number, please state it when you first begin your conversation, it will give the technician more time to troubleshoot your problem. If you do get ‘messaged’, you’re better off calling back in 10 or 15 minutes if you have the time. Implied” warranty of merchantability stamped on each item. In fact, the best way to solve this issue is disabling the password prompt for wake-ups. It already update now to nougat and i was hoping that the issue will be sove but it was not.

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