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When I was 15, I dated plenty of older guys (no, I wasn't sexually active). Was about midway on the spectrum. I definitely would not have dated a 15 year old.

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The girl is a math major. These parents, and this 21-year old boyfriend (is he currently willing and able to support a child for the next 18 years? Thought it was sort of like sodomy laws or something. To participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Understand that this woman is probably going to be one of many incredible women you will meet in the world, and if her expectations are different than yours, that is ok, there will be others.

Age of consent in Washington state is 16 unless the older person is in a position of authority (teacher, etc.Also, if he were to date someone his biological age, it would be weird too because he is a mature college guy dating a high school girl.

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We have specialized our website for your region. What are you talking about? What if it does go well but she plays head games or doesn't talk to him for a couple of days? What would happen if i kissed him or made out with him? When you are financially able to move out and pay for your life 100% yourself, then you get to make the choices.

Funny thing is if she was 20 and he was 25 it wouldn't be frowned upon, but in this situation it is. Gotta be careful what you eat for dinner i guess. Guys her age have the exact same ability to do whatever it is you think, to her. Guys that date significantly younger girls tend to have self-esteem issues and simply can't get a girl their own age if they try, So they go for what they can get.

He never said he wasn't happy with his girlfriend. He would be interested in my US History, yes. Her son was massively affected by tribal life.

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If he is willing to let you meet his family, and proclaim his feelings for you, and you guys do not talk about anything sexual, kissing etc, until you are of age, then no, I would be wrong, and he would not be a predator. If the younger person is over the age of consent, you can protest all you like but it's not going to make a difference. If you knew me you could make a better assumption, but you don't. Imagine my disappointment when I realized she was only dating me for the sex.

And that isn't something I would every hope or dream for my kid.

Or maybe i just can't trust anyone. People who fall in love for real still get divorced. Please imagine it never happened, and there was never an exchange between us. Probably illegal or somehting and it's kinda messed up, he must be pretty desperate. QUOTE="TheMadGamer"]Funny thing is if she was 20 and he was 25 it wouldn't be frowned upon, but in this situation it is.

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Maybe i'm just really out of the loop on this. No one ever gets in trouble. No one ever gets in trouble.

I know that there are some people who specifically single out underage kids because they are young, but I do believe that there are genuine cases of love. I read your earlier comment and realized I probably shouldn't have taken it so personally, this comment is a bit different though. I take that as being responsible, which leads to maturity. I think cops are worried about more important things than some high school chick sucking a 20 year olds dick.

Reap what you sow and all that. Responsible and sweet and kind, but also young and as dumb as she should be for never having been out in the world. Sexual conduct with a minor who is under fifteen years of age is a class 2 felony and is punishable pursuant to section 13-705. She knows I go for older guys around 18 or 19 but, 21's new for me. Sign up for Circle of Moms and be a part of this community!

  • He is not mentally different from any other 21 year old.
  • He may be questionable about it, but if you met this guy, you would think totally different of the whole situation.
  • I am 26 years old,had a baby 7 months back by C section.
  • At the age of 17 my boyfriend was 25, we ended up married two years later for 10 years.

How you choose to interpret it is your business, and if you choose to take it personally, I can't help that either. I Thought Dating An Older Guy Was Cool — Until I Sensed That Something Was Very Wrong At first, dating a 21-year-old guy made 15-year-old Sarah Dessen feel excited and powerful. I can guarantee that he does not think a relationship with you is worth his career and life. I didn't want to hang out with him anymore.

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I would first tell him that of course she likes him he's a great kid (or some other compliment) then I would point out the fact that a 21 year old voluntarily hanging with a 16 year old is a red flag no matter how charming either of them are, ask him if he would be concerned if "insert 16 year old girls name that he knows" were dating a 21 year old would be worrisome for her parents? I've heard of the show, but I didn't think it was something commonly enforced.

It didn't seem like such a big deal, as my best friend was doing nothing but sneaking around to be with her boyfriend. It doesn't mean you can't let him know it worries you a bit, if you have the kind of relationship where you can talk about it. It seemed just about every woman I knew had a similar story, a time when wanting attention meant getting the wrong kind entirely. It's not going to happen, no matter how much you "love" him.

But no one except the girl could know if they have had sex or not. But really, what do you guys think? Can I ask how long you have been seeing this person? Example, if you start dating a guy who has had way too many arrests for burglary and he has an addiction to heroin but you are convinced he is "oh so hot" you can expect to possibly contract Hepatitus, miss a prom because your "hotty" is in jail or end up in a stolen car because "boy genius" needed a ride so he could go to the pawn shop.

Since when was that against the law? So i have been flirting with this guy for a while now and since he looks really young i thought he was 15 or at most 17 years old. So no one but her could actually get him in trouble. Sometimes as a society we put things in reverse. Stay away from him. The best thing my parents did was to accept him in our home, to get to know him and to promise they'd always support me.

I think that your son is a special circumstance, while normally, I'd say 21 is too old for a 16 year old, he's not exactly going to school with his age group. I understand your concern, but nothing is insurmountable if its what you both want, why not go for it and see how it works out, you've nothing to lose have you? I wanted to know about the whole sexual interaction laws in relationships like that too.

Your worried shell get hurt but she won't feel able to come to you if she does if you isolate and disapprove of her.

And no, he hasn't really been clear that nothing's going to happen between us.

Its just really pathetic that this country is so backwards when it comes to sex and you can blame feminists for that. Its strange how the law can trial a 15 year old for murder as an adult YET when it comes to sex between consenting adults, 15 & 25 as an example. Just wait u will find a guy of your dreams one day, god will decide that for u. Keep an eye on it but don't get too worried just yet. Look around the world. Make sure its 16 for over 18 also.

You put him an adult environment, expect him to date adults. You say, ''that's why there are laws. You're no better than me, or a more intelligent person than me, just because you are older than me.

  1. " We can't know what we don't know about how growing up will affect us, emotionally or physically.
  2. (I know how that sounds: I cringe now just typing it.
  3. A sixteen-year-old girl can get permission to marry a 21-year-old man, but it would not solve the problem if he is arrested prior to that kind of marriage.
  4. Again, thanks for your opinion.
  5. I disagree with your sister, though I’m an older sister myself, so I get her concern! I don't know a single 16 year old who can actually claim to be a mature adult - and I know a LOT of 16 year olds because I teach high school. I don't see any reason why dating a younger girl is worse than going forever alone. I enjoyed going out with a 15 yr old girl because she was fun and nice. I hav this frend she's 15 and has sex with 18+yr old guy and uhh she 4 some reason tells me with.

    Yes, but a lot of women typically like younger men by choice. You can only upload videos smaller than 600MB. You do what you do based on your size, strengths, and abilities. You don't have the power to piss me off. You may be an A student now but you still need to concentrate on your schooling or that can drop suddenly. You probably won't meet/know most of his partners.

    No one here is going to change the way they feel no matter how many different ways you try to justify you choice. Nope, but keep me in tabs on how it goes, and if you two do decide to be more than "friends". Not certain, but it wouldn't surprise me. Or immature, and more able to relate to a 16 year old than another 20-something.

    As a mother I can understand your concerns but as a father, I'd be giving high fives out like crazy. As the mother grows up, she learns from her parents how her baby is raised, and she in turn helps her son/daughter raise her own grandchildren. At 15 u cant worry so much about guys cause hes not going to stay with you. But lets be real, all guys have needs.

    Guys that date significantly younger girls tend to have self-esteem issues and simply can't get a girl their own age if they try, So they go for what they can get. Guys that date significantly younger girls tend to have self-esteem issues and simply can't get a girl their own age if they try, So they go for what they can get. He is 6 years older then you. He lets us pick what religion we want to be, what we want to do as a career, how we wish to spend our money, and anything like that.

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