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And it is very related to coming out and being open and being intimate and being honest with yourself.

R269 While he certainly doesn't discriminate- he isn't biracial. R415 That's assuming reporters are going to ask. R507 Jon has always wanted kids. R519 those interviews are from a year ago, their relationship has clearly evolved since then. R82 he doesn't have any social media or even a professional website so I don't think he's that tech-savvy.

Groff is a brilliant persona with fine facade and a height suiting his personality. Groff is an advocate for LGBT community. Groff is way too good for him and fortunately he knows it. Groff obviously doesn't have a problem with him. Groff, 30, has kept himself busy of "Looking," the acclaimed HBO series about the lives (and loves) of three gay friends in San Francisco. Groff: [Laughs] Oh my god, it’s Armistead. Guess it is the challenge he likes and not really the guys?

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It took his parents a while to come to terms with his sexuality, but eventually they came around. It was prior to the breakup of the marriage. It’s ironic then that the actors in Looking, one of the bluest shows (both literally and figuratively), are the ones comforting us – that being a famous gay man is not always so tragic. James and Andrew Rannells, with other notable nominees including, and! Jon and Lin definitely had some sort of thing.

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  • I couldn't say if he's lost or gain weight because he doesn't usually take his shirt off for public consumption unless he's being stalked.
  • R166 Netflix has a plan for 5 seasons?
  • The new question of our guessing game may be: How long are they together?
  1. A -shaped hole was left in the world of LGBT programming when Looking went off the air after just two seasons.
  2. Actually would not seeing he and Murray Bartlett together.
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    He was the only star who showed up & the fact he took Murray for support was telling. He'd fly out to LA on his off day from Hair to see Groff. His out clause wasn't for that, it was for shooting the Looking movie. How does that play into the story? However I do not attack others for disagreeing with this. However as he was an excellent performer prior to Looking, so I am still looking forward to Mindhunter where he should be able to pull off a straight performance.

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    As for kissing Mark's photo when he was filming Normal Heart, he even states it in an interview. But he had positive things to say about the experience on the Tonight Show recently. Ch-ch-check out the full list (below) and let us know who YOU want to win! Could having a strong theater background make the difference? Despite playing exceedingly convincing love interests in both Spring Awakening and Glee, Michele and Groff are strictly platonic.

    He is not a saint, no question about it. He premiered a song called "Pretending Love" in the aftermath that doesn't paint Groff in the best light, if it was about Groff. He received his first role in a film in Taking Woodstock in 2009 as Michel Lang. He returned to Broadway in 2015 to play the role of in, a performance for which he earned a nomination for the. He speaks about her in past time. He was charming The Alicia Keys number was.

    Jon is cute and sweet, Murray is sweet and older (but still hot). Jon will have spend the rest of their relationship looking over his shoulder. Jonathan Drew Groff was born on March 26, 1985 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

    The show’s stars, and all walked the carpet at the after party following the performance. They broke up for a reason, doesn't mean they hate each other. Think they amped it up at times for Hamilton, but ultimately Lin is straight & all about his wife, family & work.

    No signs or gossip re: any hook-ups? Notice how the cameras remain stationary, as opposed to a hand held cam that would pan and follow Groff's movement. On the other hand, who goes on a vacation to a gay mecca with one other single friend and a straight couple? People were surprised to see them together?

    And she'll never reprise Pia Zadora's awardless turn in GIRL on Broadway.
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    Looks like gal pal Lea is staying at home (applause). Maybe he can do theatre or a movie late next yr. Maybe he is happy being single, he doesn't have to have a boyfriend just to entertain you. Maybe it has more to do with the gay show the actor has been associated with perhaps? Maybe that's what bothers him as he does look so lately more than ever - as R83 noticed (although a pic when he is acting is not representative at all). Mistress is not a gay term at all.

    The only thing "messy" between LMM & Jonathan is that Jon clearly did not want to be involved in the Hamilton cast dispute over royalties & he somehow got out of his Hamilton contract five months early. The other performers included, and. The people who post in here, they all sound the same mostly, like they have this mindmeld or they are the same person, responding to their own comments.

    I was about to move to New York, and I figured I should just get it done before I moved. I'm actually not sure where Jonathan was going with the anecdote because he pretty much just said that they were a walking poster for the show & then stopped. I'm surprised that of all people, Data Lounge's people don't know more about that mess.

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    And this is an interview he gave to Marti few months earlier, in summer 2009.

    Seems awkward as hell, but maybe that's just me. She hangs all over hm and guys stay away. She's back in LA thank god. So Jonathan accepted that game for the sake of the show and as a professional kept his feelings low. So if asked who's their favorite costar or who they have a crush on, they're going to say a straight man.

    • "I'm incredibly happy, I'm incredibly lucky," Quinto says of life with Groff, 27, familiar to TV fans of Boss and Glee, in which he played Jesse St.
    • 'And suddenly all is right': Lea Michele cuddles up to BFF Jonathan Groff for bed selfie.

    So, it sounds that he dated more than once someone he worked with but only once a play castmate (and that was particularly memorable). The first workshop is Jan 22 - 27 and the second Jan 25 - Feb 3. The guys of Mexico city get time with a hot all American boy. The guys were joined by, and more to check out the new play, which is getting some great reviews.

    Jonathan Groff has been in relationships with (2010 - 2013) and (2009 - 2010). Jonathan Groff is a member of the following lists:, and. Jonathan Groff is currently single. Late rumor, but new to DL. Looking is one of those instances. Looking: The Movie’ premieres tonight at 10PM on HBO.

    During his role with Lea Michele in, they became best friends. FYI: Leslie is wearing a Musika Frère jacket. From July 22 through August 31, 2008, Groff played as Claude in the production of. Groff and his former Looking cast mates went to see Come From Away the other night.

    What's next, he needs to move to the suburbs & get a white picket fence? Who Is Jonathan Groff Dating Right Now? Wonder if he was with someone special and he was worried about being spotted. You couldn’t miss it from the stage.

    You did a better job articulating. You involve yourself in someone else's relationship once & steal their man, it's a lesson you learn from, but if you're a repeat offender, you're just an asshole.

    1. And before someone pounces, I'm not saying it's Murray related.
    2. And if they aren't, and Groff says or wonders why he is single-- he would officially be an idiot!
    3. In this case the character dictates it. Inside Hollywood, no one cares about these two. It seems to me there are other potential problems in waiting nine months after filming to begin airing a show, and I would think at least some of them are so obvious that I don't need to spell them out.

      Anyway I'm looking forward to the official Jonathan & Murray media debut! Anyway, he may have been to these drag shows just to see and support Marti Cummings, his friend and host at that Therapy NYC show the other night. As Groff is a gay, he has no any girlfriend.

      If that were the reason to date someone, JG would have dated guys much healthier for him than another polygamous elder gay. If they remain friends-cool, but if they ever crossed over, I'd root for them. In literally any picture of the two, personal or professional, the enjoyment they get from being in one another's presence clearly shines through. In the first commentary of episode 1 Jonathan was reproached by Andrew Haigh when he gushed about how cute Murray is.

      This content is available customized for our international audience. To me he looks no different than last year and that was when he was losing weight. To me it is also obvious that Jon tried to avoid mentioning Murray directly - that is quite in line with his typical "no name policy" when talking about private stuff. Well, as Monday's episode aired, the housewife turned bodybuilder slammed the cast for being homophobic!

      He also portrayed the role of Claude in the critically acclaimed revival of Hair. He began dating Cavin Creel in 2009. He has been seen in 10 episodes of Boss and 18 episodes of Looking. He has been spotted at a few drag shows lately.

      • "I definitely want kids," he says.
      • "I don't want to know this.

      I also think that Jonathan is not any more interested in getting married and having a kid ever. I expect it to be great but to get stuck with a single show (however great) for so long would be the waste of his talent. I heard Netflix pays their actors well. I just linked a recent interview that shows he does not think about relationships as he used in his early 20s (the time of this ad).

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