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Please login (ON4KST chat). Members log in here: Callsign:. Other chats available here (Web and Telnet). EME (all bands/modes). Please use english only.

And the VERY BEST of course is when the antenna can look directly out over the ocean!Another new net on Thursdays is out of EN43, La Crosse, WI area.
  1. Aha, this is an excellent one: This net was back on Oct 28th, and we managed 44 total check-ins.
  2. All across the USA.
  3. Also need CT and digital.
  4. Particular) the EME community. Paul (EN34kw) recently volunteered to perk up their 432. Please Keep in mind our sunset time on the West coast of NA. Please share this message among radio colleagues and all who are interested. Plenty of SSB’ers and FM’ers out that way.

    SSB net hosted by N9JBW John from EN61, South side of Chicago. So if it helps activity, then I’m all for it. So it is a waste of time to call you there!

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    We are here to work you! We are trying to make Wednesday a “can’t-miss” night for 144 MHz SSB, all across the USA. We gebruiken cookies om inhoud en advertenties relevanter te maken en je een veiligere ervaring te bieden. We should have more Rovermania! We’re not quite done with the Sunday lineup yet. Wieczorami przez 5T0JL, co sprawia irytację operatorów wielu stacji. Will you support us making your ATNO possible?

    But if you want general weak-signal education, NLRS’s website is very good. Com chat has the potential to make activity levels explode. Com chat is not necessary to enjoy VHF in general. Czasem zdarzają się ewidentne błędy podczas wpisywania, klawiaturowe – korekty takich pomyłek będą wprowadzane dopiero po wyprawie. Czności są przepisywane do postaci elektronicznej w miarę możliwości, kiedy jest wolne stanowisko. Easy to contact you from Rome, new one for me, thanks!

    Also note that after every net, I post a net report where I run down who all checked in and from where.And calls CQ in various directions, starting at 7pm central/0000Z.

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    If you want to play 222 SSB on Thursday nights, you now have a brand-new net hosted by NT9E, Dave in EN52vi, McHenry, IL. If you’re looking for 6m and 2m activity on Tuesday nights, and you’re within 100-200 miles of SW Lower MI, then be aware of these nets: (Also note that there is AM activity — only AM activity I personally know of in our region. I’ll have to get eyes on my property and determine if I can get a good antenna set up.

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    As you get higher in frequency, the beamwidths on the yagis become narrower. Bring a few of your buddies, and start up your own activity.

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    Nice active net, very friendly and N9JBW is always looking for new check-ins. Nice going Andy on keeping 432 alive. Now that you have a grid square map and know your grid square, you might want to know about the VUCC award program that ARRL sponsors. Nowadays, I especially like using the chat to connect VHF’ers in distant areas, who can use chat to point their beam antennas at each other, and make contacts they’d never know were possible.

    Of getting to and from the island in a hostile environment. On Mondays, you have N0PB Phil’s SWOT net on 144. Or, if you want a real browser, visit the Mozilla and download the lastest version of the Firefox Web Browser. Other excellent high performance homebrew yagi designs can be found at and I have worked many of these antennas.

    Tnx to the excellent operator for a new dxcc on 40m! Using Maidenhead grid squares is how weak-signal V/UHF’ers identify what area they are from. WARAC’s website suggests using 52. Want to get the word out about the WIQP, which runs from 1pm central or 1800Z until 8pm/0100Z this Sunday.

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    I am not aware of any regular V/UHF activity on Saturdays on any weak-signal band within 300 miles of SE WI. I am very interested in a JT65A contact with you during your moonset. I can provide a sked proposal for you, listing frequency, specific preferred times and moon positions, as soon as I know your availability.

    The radios, the signals on the air are #1 priority. The secret to success (besides using JT65A mode) is for a single yagi station to KEEP THE ANTENNA AIMED ON THE HORIZON! The site, or to allow you to customize your preferences for interacting with the site. This info comes from Gary K8BKB. This is good publicity and I imagine we have plenty of new visitors to my website today. This isn’t so much a formal net as just some guys getting on 432 and creating activity.

    • Click on the green bar.
    • Not many on weak-signal from EN33, but I work Matt often in contests.
    • Last night (Thursday) was also busy, and Tuesdays should be as well.

    I know this because when I was getting started 7 years ago, I hung around the 6m chat page and soaked up info like a sponge. I need you on 40m RTTY but you are not there. I see where KB9RDS posted an article at about the new ON4KST. I suspect that’s because it’s an HF contest, primarily. I was really happy when I wrote that. If I was on HF, I’d enjoy this, definitely. If you simply know your 4-digit grid square, you’re well on your way.

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    He calls it the Q5 net, and it starts at 7pm central/0000Z. Here’s a simple way to look up your own grid square. Here’s the full line-up of nets out of Kalamazoo, MI (EN72 — SW Lower MI). Hope to work you in the CQWW CW Contest on 6 bands!

    So stay tuned and keep an open mind. Sorry I’m not sharp enough with computers to know how to create an image you can view. Spread the word to everyone you know with 222/223 gear. Thanks very much and GL on 6m EME! The 10th line of info has your grid square.

    As for V/UHF ops, I’ve never seen much chit-chat via weak-signal channels about guys doing much.
    • (ON4KST has assured us microwave chat is also welcome).
    • Activity is hosted by N4PZ Steve from EN52gb, or just WSW of Rockford, IL.
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    I don’t own the room, the Midwest doesn’t own it, the room is open to all. I especially recommend reading anything to do with Rovermania! I hear him regularly at my QTH. I imagine guys will be using it plenty on weekends, of course. I kindly ask you to check back here today and over the weekend. I know a lot of guys don’t have computers near the rigs.

    Keep calling us on all bands/modes you need 5T. MNI TNX for your kind consideration! Make sure you are on top of the times because Sunday at 2am is when we turn our clocks forward for spring. Most activity has been in the 0000-0300Z timeframe. N4PZ has a very strong station on 432, and gets out a long ways. Na pewne warunki pracy nie mamy w tej chwili wpływu.

    You can tell a ham has moved past the repeater stage of V/UHF’ing when they start talking about their “grid square”. You will be there during the best days of the month for 6m EME!

    Even if you can’t work Wisconsin net control directly, we encourage you to visit the 144/432 chat page and observe how we make VHF come alive. Explain how to get logged into the ON4KST. For now, the chat is busy on Wed. Good Luck Guy, you’ve been doing great! Good luck on your trip. Ground gain is best when the terrain in front of the antenna is free of “ground clutter” such as houses, rooftops, cars, valleys, etc.

    I’ll make some new posts explaining just how we “do” V/UHF, and why the ON4KST. I’ll talk about our Monday options in a future post. I’m simply a ham who had a notion to take the activity to the next level, promotion-wise. I’m sure plenty of guys do some FM ops, so listen for that activity, too.

    Posted in Comments Off on Long-Range 144. Posted in Comments Off on Welcome to QRZ. Print this info out and save it. Read their personal profiles to learn about their previous DXpedition experiences.

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