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House of Brides has the largest online selection of wedding, bridesmaid, mothers & special occasion dresses at the lowest prices guaranteed. Reviews of House of Brides Couture "House of Brides had so many beautiful, high quality dresses when we went there to look for my wedding dress. House of Brides is a Bridal Salon in Aurora, IL. Read reviews and contact House of Brides directly on The Knot.

She then called each bridesmaid individually to confirm their measurements and tell them the dress size she was going to order for them based on the designer’s (Dessy/Albert Sung) website. She tried repeatedly to cut me off before I was even done explaining who we had spoken to and the dates we had been given. She was able to completely remake the dress so that is was the perfect fit for my body. Shopping experience fun and light hearted.

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  2. After many calls and emails.
  3. After the dress was pinned I let her know that it appeared a little short since I was barefoot.
  4. Already irritated I went along w it.
  5. I believe that House of Brides has been claiming that Bari J. I bought a bridesmaids dress at House of Brides in Schaumburg and spend $360. I bought my dress at House of Brides and was told that I had to pay $400 up front for alterations, which I did. I called the House of Brides representative to let her know of my bridesmaid’s concerns and to inquire that the sizes are in fact true. I came twice recently, once for my friend and once for my sister, and the two experiences were so different.

    So I emailed asking if I could be assisted in tracking my wedding dress. Thank you for all the help! Thank you for your review! Thank you for your review. Thank you house of bride staff from the bottom of my heart for such outstanding service and attentiveness.

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    I explained I had the dress altered because I was freaking out that I couldn't get a hold of her or anyone who could help me for that matter, and that my wedding is not in less than a month at this point. I found the perfect dress. I get married in 14 days, and no dress. I have called several times a week, spoke with Gay, (she is nice) but she said I needed to speak with Donna the supervisor. I have no dress despite paying more than $1400 in December.

    They want you in and out and once you pay for your dress they no longer want to help you. They weren't symmetrical at all. This business should be put out of business immediately and indefinitely. This business should be put out of business immediately and indefinitely.

    The manager Nidia is the most unprofessional and awful person that you could potentially deal with in the planning of your wedding. The manager begrudgingly “price matched” their own website (Which says that this dress will arrive in 14-16 weeks) I was told the dress would arrive in April or May. The most unprofessional place in the entire world. The ones I had selected were all well worn since so many brides try them on.

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    At dresses and no one to help me find the ones I had picked out online.At the top of your Opera window, near the web address, you should see a gray location pin.

    I'd highly recommend shopping here given the array of styles and choices vs somewhere with only 16 to choose from and I'd definitely suggest working with Maria. In fact, there were a couple of bows and sashes she flat out told me "were lost", I don't think this is something you should advertise. In the end, the customer service at House of Brides is appalling.

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    And then another one.And they have dresses to fit any budget!Another dress they were able to replace with a sample (which the girl then had to PAY to be altered, even though had she received the dress in the size she requested, it would have fit perfectly), and another girl's dress NEVER CAME AT ALL!

    That leaves me in a bind to order elsewhere because now it's seven weeks until the wedding. The "bustling" looked like someone ran a knife over the fabric! The alterations department helped me out a lot. The alterations department is pricey ($575 flat fee), but it is local & I trusted them with the dress. The bussel was horrible and didn't look any different than when it was unbusseled.

    I haven't bought my dress just yet, but will be making a purchase from this place if I can! I hope that my review can save others from having such a negative experience. I informed the staff and they checked their records and tried to convince me it was the dress I ordered - it wasn't. I is now March 31st and they don't have any status on when they will ship. I loved my experience with House of Brides (aurora), I got a fantastic dress at a great price, and personal service from my sales assoc.

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    I actually found my dress here! I actually found my dress here! I also asked for the contact information of someone higher up so that I could escalate the issue since I don't agree with their decision. I also asked what size it was that I had tried on (I am typically a 6/8 in regular dresses.

    Previous review Great place. Refresh this Yelp page and try your search again. She again said the manager would call me with the tracking number. She put me on hold to "investigate". She ruined my bridal shopping experience and continued to make it worse throughout the process of me purchasing bridesmaid dresses.

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    The dress I ordered was light gold and ivory, and had a lot of lace work on the top and bottom of the dress - the dress I was looking at was Coco, and has no lace on the bottom section. The dress had not been altered, just received unwearable and a half inch difference is totally noticeable. The dresses were priced high and their selection of dresses were very high fashion and glamorous, which wasn't exactly what I was looking for.

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    1. Also has been so amazing and keeping us organized and helping us find the perfect dress for my body.
    2. Also, I was hoping there was some way they could just dye the dress.
    3. Alterations department received major kudos as well.
    4. And blamed the fabric of the dress.
    5. And most importantly I want to especially thank Tuya my altering queen.
    6. I also had a lot of questions about my options to alter a couple of dresses and she was able to get a seamstress to come chat with me to understand my options, what it would look like, and roughly estimate the costs. I am skeptical about that information because if the manager isn't present then no one at the store can check for order statuses? I am, unfortunately not the only victim/customer.

      Instead, it was held for weeks. It is completely understandable to need to do a simple length alteration, but I think the fact that each of the eight dresses has to be significantly altered is unacceptable!

      They claimed to have lost and returned my dress after my designer stop working with them, and were unwilling to refund! They did not have. They sell a more expensive dress and they still just have one to sell and they could sell it for a higher price if it is such a fabulous gown.

      I not only had problems with the delivery of my wedding dress but HOB couldn't deliver (and incorrectly ordered) the Dessy bridesmaids dresses that we ordered. I proceeded to tell her that this dress had been taken IN not OUT. I should have demanded that day that it be fixed and not left. I squeezed in a lot of dresses before I found "The One" but Sherry was patient and awesome to work it! I squeezed in a lot of dresses before I found "The One".

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      It is ironic to listen to the taped message about how you pride yourself on your customer service while sitting on hold, calling various representatives to try to piece what happened to our order as no one person would give me all the information, and being put on hold while the representative purportedly was calling Bari J. It is very frustrating as one can imagine when my wedding day draws closer and closer and I don't have any dresses for my bridesmaids to wear.

      No updates at all until I call the store at the end of May (25+ weeks). On the dress with alterations included. Once they get payment in full, they treat you like a complete stranger, as if you never existed and don't matter. Ordered and paid for dress seven months prior to wedding date.

      This is not the case. This place did nothing but lie to me and my bridesmaids, cause drama and stress clear up to my wedding day! This place is a huge scam! To add further evidence of their lack of integrity, they started telling us "the system" was down and they couldn't look up our order. Ultimately my dress wasn't shipped out until February 4. Very reasonable pricing for veils and for all alterations. Warning House of Brides are Frauds and thieves!

      It was only a few days before my wedding and after trying on the dress the sleeves weren't fitting right. Keep in mind, they only said this after asking the name on the order. Last week there were tears of another kind. Maria was so incredibly helpful, professional and overall a complete sweetheart. Maria was such a doll!

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      I was able to wear the dress, but I hated it and still do today, solely because the seamstress at House of Brides made me feel uncomfortable and self-conscious in the dress. I was buying off the rack due to giving myself 4 months to plan my wedding. I was in disbelief that this company had advertised and accepted money for a product that they simply didn't have to sell. I was told they could not honor the online price but could do $220.

      Anyways, I go home and decide to take a look at my dress.As soon as we landed back home, I reached out to House of Brides for instruction on exchanging them for the next size up.

      The thing I was very put off by was that House of Brides began sending me text messages every day about sales and deals. The variety of dresses, lighting, customer service, and ambiance has been great. Their prices for dresses are great but everything felt off from the moment I walked in. Then she informed us we could only pull 5 dresses. There was Champagne, there were tears, it was Euphoric. There will come a time they will start hanging up on you.

      Established in 1929, House of Brides Couture has dressed Brides and their wedding parties for 88 years. Even though I did ask, it was sort of brushed off. How can my memory be so off? However, our buyers have addressed the issue with our designers and are working to adjust our sample sizes to offer a wider range of sizes to better accommodate our customers.

      My MOH got the wrong size dress and was treated disrespectfully when she was looking for how they were going to fix the situation. My Veil took almost a year to come in and had to complain numerous dates as they quoted me a shorter timeframe luckily came in before my wedding by a month. My attendant helping me (I won't call her out) was so pushy. My experience shopping for my dress at this shop was pleasant, I was happy with everything at first.

      I couldn't go that time, but she sounded pleased with her experience and said the consultant was very patient and opened about pricing and alterations concerns. I even told the seamstress and the girl at the counter that although it has been a few weeks since I had last viewed the dress it seemed like it is not the same dress.

      I can't believe they did that! I can't believe they did that! I can't remember who helped me the first time I came in, but I definitely felt welcomed. I contacted customer support and they said they can't do anything for me, since for their records they shipped the correct package. I couldn't even believe how I was treated, and this is hands down the worst customer service I recall receiving in my life.

      When you click a coupon, a box appears with your coupon code. Will I ever do business with them again? Yes, the store took 6 of my closest friends money in June for the dresses, and knew they were not going to get the dresses, and lied, lied, lied, until Oct.

      I started to cry upon trying on my dress because I knew it was the wrong color. I tried to talk to her about my concerns and she proceeded to lie and tell me that I never expressed any concerns to her and that the dress was perfect when I left the store on Saturday. I was VERY unsatisfied with their service for dress issues.

      Debbie pulled every different style for me to choose for my destination wedding in Mexico and although it wasn't what I envisioned at first I fell in love with this gorgeous ruffled A-Line that fit my body type perfectly! Didn't feel rushed and made me feel like the most beautiful bride to be! Didn't want my money back, just wanted the right size.

      • "I wish I had known about this place when I went BM dress shopping with my gals, it's cute, pretty good dedicated customer service and they give you champagne.
      • A couple days later, they sent an email (that looked like spam) stating that they needed to place a rush on the order for $45 more.
      • About 10 mins later the manager brings out my dress, without having me try it on again.
      • Additionally, their selection of dresses spans a wide range of prices, which was wonderful!

      The only thing I wish I would have done is get cups in the dress, but regardless it fit me beautiful. The sleeves were done so sloppy. The style of the dress was altered from a fitted gown with a train to an A-line dress with no train.

      My fiance had to end up taking care becasue I was too stressed out with their lies. My review is in regards to the alterations department. My sister who is the Maid of Honor picked out a different dress which they measured her but we had to guess as she was pregnant. NO CALL AGAIN TODAY FROM ANYONE! Nidia (the store manager) is so dedicated to making sure every bride is happy!

      Calls will not get you anyone but the first person that answers.Click the gear in the upper-right hand corner of the window, then Internet options.Com makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information herein provided and assumes no liability for any damages or loss arising from the use thereof.

      We appreciate hearing about your experience and will share your great feedback with our salon. We did not have an appointment, but the staff still worked with me (a lot of places give you the cold shoulder without an appointment). When I checked my email, it had sent me 2 separate emails for 2 separate order numbers. When we went to look for dresses for my bridesmaids at the Aurora location, the staff was pleasant and helpful and we found the dress we wanted.

      • Click the button labeled Clear Sites.
      • I took matters into my own hands to contact the dress maker to learn that the dresses had never been paid for ~ The dresses were not going to be mailed to HOB by the dress designer!
      • I emailed BILL LEVKOFF directly and got NO RESPONSE!
      • It doesn't even make sense that a dress would sit in a distribution center rather than being sent to a store or a customer.

      I went from being completely unsure which one I wanted to knowing exactly which dress that was "the one" was actually "the one. I went to a different alterations place to get consultation and they did not make me feel confident since they had never worked on a dress like this so I went back to the House of Brides alterations. I wish that she lived in Cincinnati so I could have all my clothes altered by her.

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