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Dora Maar au Chat (Dora Maar with Cat) is a 1941 painting by Pablo Picasso. It depicts Dora Maar, the painter's lover, seated on a chair with a small cat perched. Dora Maar au Chat) — картина Пабло Пикассо, написанная в 1941 году.

Germain-des-Prés cafe, led to a lasting romantic affair. German Khan, Alfa Group: $6. Having got lucky with such a client, Sotheby’s keeps his name tightly guarded. He looked more like a KGB agent than a collector,’ recalls the art dealer Laszlo vonVertes, who sat directly behind him. He picked up a bidding paddle at the registration desk and staff seated him near the back of the room, in the seats that are considered to be Siberia in the art-world hierarchy.

It is also interesting to consider that the artist has paid particular attention to the sharp, talon-like nails on the long fingers of his model. It was like a Wimbledon final with two players sweating it out,’ recalls Staffan Ahrenberg, a Paris-based collector.

Tyco International was selling two paintings that had been at the center of a scandal when its former chairman and chief executive, L. Typically, bidders are subtle with their signals to the auctioneer: an eyebrow twitch, a nod, a removal of the glasses. Upon recovery, she pursued art and religion with equal verve until her death in 1997.

I had a Dora Maar that I was trying to buy, and the seller said his was better than the one at Sotheby’s, so he wanted $150 million for it. I ratchet my guess down to three Sotheby’s staffers; Norman does not correct me. I think it’s a totally new collector,’ says Salakhova.

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The powerful figure is set in a dramatic, yet simple setting composed of a vertiginously inclined plane of wooden floorboards and shallow interior space that is arranged in a manner reminiscent of Picasso’s earliest manipulations of space in a cubist manner. The star work that evening was Pablo Picasso’s 1941 Dora Maar au Chat, one of the largest portraits the artist painted of his Parisian lover, Dora Maar. The tactic paid off. The work is one of the.

  • "Flowers and Fruit," an 1889 Renoir still life that Mr.
  • (Prices of record include Sotheby's commission: 20 percent of the first $200,000 of the hammer price and 12 percent of the rest.
  • A Monet landscape, "Near Monte-Carlo," an 1883 seascape estimated at $2 million to $3 million, was sold $5 million to the anonymous buyer of the $95.
  • A late Picasso, "Seated Woman in an Armchair" (1960).

This painting was made during the year 1941, when the were occupying France. Three days later, The New York Times carried the mystery man’s picture under the headline, ‘Recognise This Man? Thus, the parlour-gamers believe the man at the auction was a trusted lieutenant – the bidder, but not the buyer. Thusly, by the mid-1930s, she was focusing her energies on photography. To this day, despite their networks, neither Iljine nor Salakhova claims to know the buyer’s identity.

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It would seem extraordinary for a buyer to start collecting at the highest end of the market, but it’s not unprecedented: Steven Cohen, the Greenwich hedge-fund king, started as a collector by buying major works by Van Gogh, Bacon and Warhol. Its high estimate stood at $50 million, but the bidding quickly soared to $60 million, then $65million – and the man at the back of the room was coming on strong. Ivanishvili is an educated guess, no more.

Dora Maar au Chat presents the artist's most mysterious and challenging mistress regally posed three-quarter length in a large wooden chair with a small black cat perched behind her in both an amusing and menacing attitude. Dora Maar was a French artist and poet best known as Pablo Picasso's lover and muse. Dora Maar was born Henriette Théodora Markovitch in Paris, France, on November 22, 1907. Dora Maar was born in Paris, France, on November 22, 1907.

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Their partnership had been one of intellectual exchange and intense passion—Dora was an artist, spoke Picasso’s native Spanish, and shared his political concerns. Then a friend puts me in touch with a successful Moscow businessman, who claims to know the buyer but won’t reveal his identity. Then again, virtually all New Russians own London residences or spend time there.

Finally, there’s Sergei Popov and Andrei Melnichenko, of MDM-Bank, the youngest and ‘poorest’ of this bunch, with fortunes that Forbes estimated at $2·7 billion each. Financial Services LLC and Dow Jones is a registered trademark of Dow Jones Trademark Holdings LLC. For best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. From there, Maar fell under the care of psychiatrist Jacques Lacan, with whom she underwent years of analysis, and slowly began to recover her former self.

He splits his time between a rural village in Georgia, justifying the ‘not Russian’ description, and Paris, the capital of the Wildenstein art market empire. He took over Moscow’s behemoth Impexbank in 1999. He was obviously new to both Sotheby's executives, who would never have seated him in such a remote spot had they realized what a big spender he would be, and to the auction process, as evidenced by the relentless and unsophisticated manner in which he waved his paddle.

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Her father was a successful architect, and his job forced Maar and the rest of her family to move to Buenos Aires, Argentina, when Maar was 3 years old. Her friend Nic Iljine, a Guggenheim Museum point man in Europe, instrumental both in bringing the nickel king Vladimir Potanin on to the museum’s board and organising its ‘Russia! He’s worried about bad publicity, because right now it would cause too much jealousy in Russia,’ the contact says. I don’t think it’s mint condition.

  1. A telephone buyer outbid four contenders, paying $4.
  2. According to many reports, the mystery bidder’s speech ‘sounded Russian’.
  3. Alexei Kuzmichov, Alfa Group: $4.
  4. The best known is Alexander Lebedev, the president of National Reserve Bank, whose fortune Forbes estimates at $3·5billion, and whose London connection goes back to his days as a KGB agent. The buyer is the real prey. The canvas appears to have been relined and varnished. The consensus art-market take on the Dora Maar’s value was $40 million, maybe $50 million, but never $95million. The crowd seemed buoyant that evening, reflecting the hot art market and the major paintings on offer.

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    At Sotheby’s, auction totals for the Russian Art department rocketed from $7·6 million in 2000 to $106·2 million last year. Auf dem Gemälde ist Dora Maar, Picassos Muse in der Zeit von 1936 bis 1943, zu sehen. Between 1936 and 1937, Picasso and Maar collaborated on certain artistic endeavors, and he regularly painted portraits of her, including "Weeping Woman" (1937) and "Dora Maar Seated" (1937). Boris Ivanishvili, Impexbank: worth $3.

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    And it’s possible the buyer is not even a billionaire; as Stanislav Shekshnia points out, a defining trait of the New Russians is their seemingly irrational behaviour.And the mystery of the Dora Maar au Chat may well endure for years.
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    And, as Feigen points out, ‘If you’re just going to get one Picasso, this was a good one.Another is the vodka mogul Roustam Tariko, who denied it, saying, ‘I’d rather invest in my freedom than in my walls.

    You agree to receive occasional updates and special offers for The New York Times's products and services. You must select a newsletter to subscribe to. You used to see people bidding in the salesroom at those levels, but not anymore,’ says Marc Blondeau, the private dealer from Geneva and former head of Sotheby’s Paris.

    On the evening of May 3, a rough-hewn man in a dark sports coat walked into Sotheby’s New York auction room. One art-world insider claims the bidder had instructions to bid up to $125million for the Dora Maar. One last phone bidder – widely rumoured to be Wexner – fought to the end, but he too conceded to the mystery man’s unrelenting pace. Picasso and Maar continued to see each other until 1946, but after 1943, the writing was on the wall.

    Art-world gossip also indicates that the buyer has a London connection, which leads me to the aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska, who bought a massive house in Belgravia and has reportedly been taking English lessons at the London School of Economics. As Norman points out, ‘It’s been more than two years and no one has even guessed right about the buyer of Picasso’s Garçon à la Pipe’ (sold by Sotheby’s for $104million.

    1. An anonymous Russian bidder present at the New York auction won the work with a final bid of US$95,216,000, well exceeding the pre-auction US$50 million estimates.
    2. An extreme case: the Boris Kustodiev painting Odalisque, which sold in 1989 for $36,000, went at Christie’s London for $3·2 million, last November.
    3. And he did not come just to buy the Picasso.
    4. Earlier he snapped up an 1883 Monet seascape for $5 million and later a 1978 Chagall biblical scene, "Paradise," for $2. Eliminating the usual suspects and those who have denied buying the Dora Maar brings my pool down to 26. Even in this era of ludicrous wealth creation, new players with seemingly spendthrift attitudes are rare and highly prized. Everyone loves a good mystery – especially one worth millions of dollars to whichever dealer cracks the code.

      The Metropolitan Museum of Art was also a seller. The anonymous buyer ended up supplying nearly half the revenue of the entire evening in a sale that totaled $207. The art-world rumour mill, meanwhile, has trotted out the usual suspects: Roman Abramovich, is one, despite the fact that his purchases have been more lowbrow, most notably Chelsea Football Club. The artist used an extraordinarily vibrant palette in his rendering of the angles of the chair and the patterning of Maar’s dress.

      Picasso fell in love at the age of 55 with the 29-year-old Maar and the couple soon began living together. Picasso once likened Maar’s allure and temperament to that of an “Afghan cat”, and the cat in this picture is laden with significance. Please try again later.

      Just as the world's biggest cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas, took its maiden voyage, plans were announced for the world's most luxe ocean liner: The Utopia. Kozlowski had purchased from the Richard Green Gallery in London, was expected to sell for $2. Living in the shadow of the greatest artist of her time, Maar suffered from self-doubt and depression through a nine-year romantic affair with Picasso.

      But Norman says that it was for the man’s own protection: ‘When someone bids at that level from the salesroom floor, I’ve watched certain private dealers start to slowly swarm around him, business card in hand, like sharks circling a swimmer. But for the Dora Maar, says vonVertes, the unknown man was ‘waving his paddle so hard he was fanning my face’. But he laughs at the supposition that it’s a provincial oilman. But it’s a very Russian way. But that was merely a prelude.

      Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box. Refusing to identify himself, he was escorted out a side door by a Sotheby's staff member after the sale to avoid the throngs of television cameras and reporters. Seller's processing time on item customization. Sergei Popov, MDM-Bank: $2. She was an intellectual force – a characteristic that both stimulated and challenged Picasso and her influence on him resulted in some of his most powerful and daring portraits of his 75-year career.

      In 1926, when she was 19, Maar and her family moved back to Paris, where she enrolled in photography school and then at the Académie Julian. In addition to being a rare, three-quarter length portrait of Dora Maar, the present work is also a generous and painterly composition with an extraordinary attention to detail. In an attempt to crack the puzzle, I construct a spreadsheet, including all 33 Russians named in the 2006 Forbes list of the world’s billionaires.

      Com All rights reserved. David Norman, the director of Sotheby’s Impressionist and Modern department, which organised the sale, dispatched staffers to surround the bidder. Dennis Kozlowski, was indicted in 2002 on charges that he evaded more than $1 million in New York State taxes by having art dealers ship empty boxes to Tyco's offices in New Hampshire while having messengers deliver the paintings to his Fifth Avenue apartment. Detailed seller ratings Item(s) as described: 4.

      Still, there were five bidders fighting for the Dora Maar at $65million: the casino king Steve Wynn, Ohio retail tycoon Leslie Wexner and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen – all experienced collectors – are said to have been among them. Still, this clue narrows the candidates greatly. Strictly speaking, though, ‘not Russian’ wouldn’t rule out Georgians, Ukrainians,Azerbaijanis or Kazakhs. Such cases are common in the art world, where opacity and discretion reign supreme.

      We would love to hear from you. When I suggest to Norman that perhaps only five or six Sotheby’s employees, including himself and Meyer, know the name, he points out, ‘Actually, it’s my sale. When she was 19, she began pursuing the artistic life, studying painting and photography. When the hammer finally came down, the crowd applauded and Meyer asked the bidder for his paddle number – another sure sign, say auction veterans, that the man was an unexpected player.

      • In school, she spoke both Spanish and French fluently, learning to read English texts as well.
      • The Dora Maar bidder’s style evoked the New Russian art-market approach.
      • Left, right, left, right – and each time it meant a million dollars more.
      • In life Maar’s well- hands were one of her most beautiful and distinctive features, and here they have taken on another, more violent characteristic.

      Next come Alexei Kuzmichov and German Khan, both of whom are involved in Alfa Group. Note: Due to possible delay of exchange rate update, price in various currencies is for reference only. Notice: Please be advised that only post services such as China Post, EMS are permitted to deliver private packages to Russia. Observers sniped that the auction house wanted to ensure that the winner did not flee without securing his purchases. Of the 55 lots, only 7 failed to sell.

      In any case, Tariko’s history of flashiness suggests he would hardly have hidden the purchase. In my history of auctions, I can never recall anything like that,’ says Daniella Luxembourg, a former Sotheby’s executive who runs her own London dealership. It brought $10 million, its high estimate, from by another telephone bidder. It could always be a guy from Azerbaijan.

      Then there’s Nikolai Tsvetkov, the president of the investment bank UralSib, whose estimated wealth has rocketed to $5·2 billion. They sold the painting in 1963 After that, the painting was never shown until the 21st century. They’re oil-rich down there too. This page was last edited on 13 September 2017, at 00:48.

      While the present portrait might seem a departure from Picasso's more hostile depictions of this model, it may be one of his most brilliant and biting provocations of his Weeping Woman. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the, a non-profit organization. With the price rising so fast, some potential buyers wavered. Within an hour of the Dora Maar sale, I got an email from The New York Times with that picture of the guy. Wouldn’t they have instructed him in auction-buying protocol?

      Maar outlived Picasso by 24 years, and nine years after her death, Picasso's "Dora Maar au Chat" ("Dora Maar with Cat") was auctioned for $95. Maar would experience one of the defining moments of her life in late 1935, when, on the set of the Jean Renoir film Le Crime de Monsieur Lange, she met artist Pablo Picasso. Mai 2006 wurde es für 95 Millionen US$ bei Sotheby's New York versteigert und ist bei den Auktionsrekorden bei Gemälden damit bis heute das viertteuerste je verkaufte Bild.

      Such tactics are not unheard of, but deploying them at these prices was extraordinary. That Dora Maar sale was not a turning point because of who was bidding,’ says Meyer, ‘but because it makes us realise a new person can come in at any time, unexpectedly bidding at billionaire levels. That work, estimated at $3 million to $5 million, brought $6. The Art World Doesn’t’. The British billionaire and Virgin Group chairman is renting out his ultra-luxe sea retreat -- for $88,000 per week.

      The difference between pre- and post-oligarch prices is stunning. The faceted planes of her body and richly layered surface of brushstrokes impart a monumental and sculptural quality to this portrait. The first meeting didn't quite hint at what was to come, but the second, in 1936 at Les Deux Magots, a St.

      Soon after this meeting, Maar moved to an apartment around the corner from Picasso's studio (though she wasn't allowed to enter it without an invitation). Sotheby's had also guaranteed Matisse's "Reclining Nude, View of Her Back" (1927), estimated at $12 million to $15 million. Sotheby's had promised Eli Broad, the Los Angeles financier and collector, a guarantee for his "Harlequin With Baton," a 1969 image of a harlequin — an alter ego of the artist — waving a long, phallic baton.

      She worked on both painting and photography, but she garnered more attention for the latter. She would remain devout until her death. So-called New Russians have been pouring wealth into art.

      Million — a record for the artist at auction — from a telephone bidder. Million, making it one of the world's most expensive paintings sold at auction. Million, the second highest price for a painting at auction. Nancy Whyte, a Manhattan dealer, bought it for $2.

      But the art-world guessing games continue. By the time he painted the present picture he had incorporated Dora Maar’s image into countless versions of this motif. Carol Vogel, New York Times, May 6, 2006. Certainly, the notion rang true. Cm) was one of many portraits of Dora Maar painted by Pablo Picasso over their nearly decade-long relationship.

      As World War II ravaged Europe, Maar found herself left behind by Picasso, and she subsequently suffered a nervous breakdown. As of mid-2007, the ownership of the Dora Maar au Chat is still unknown to the general public, although rumors have focused on the Georgian mining magnate and former Prime Minister of Georgia, who sold his Moscow bank a week before the auction for $550 m.

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      The interesting thing about the Russian collectors is how aggressive they are once they’ve decided they really want an artwork,’ says Rory Howard, a London dealer who has several Russian clients. The luminous Dora Maar au Chat was painted in 1941, at the beginning of the Second World War in France.

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