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What ever happened to the pub stomping, connection based matchmaking I loved. "Skill Based Matchmaking" and Reverse Boosting in Advanced Warfare?! Jan 2015 - 20 min - Uploaded by Drift0rPLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION FOR MORE INFO: Skill Based Matchmaking, or SBMM is.

I don't know who I am matched against in other game modes, but in KC I ONLY play against the top 100 players whenever I play since I am in the top 90. I don't understand why people look forward to the new versions, or maintain curiousity and interest. I dont ever really skip around the map ever but the lag compensation is apparent almost every game. I don’t necessarily agree with some of the influence eSports is having on the game.

I hope that Treyarch is paying attention to all this information players are putting on here so they don’t make the same mistake Sledgehammer did. I just hate when people start complaing about AW. I know people complained about “randies”, but playing against random people in the same country as you worked. I mean, even MLG hates SBMM but it’s still kept in.

This game is fast paced and it’s not as easy to keep a high K/D). This is probably the fairest and most unbiased comment I’ve seen on CharlieIntel. Trying game modes I'm not as good at is a nightmare. Use your common sense. We even have an Industry Week where developers and game journalists come in and lecture us about their role in the industry etc. We've also updated our Terms of Use. Well I personally don’t like PC gaming – too expensive, too complicated (error messages) etc.

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  1. But the amount of losses I have is ridiculous.
  2. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision.
  3. Casual observations are no more useful than bigfoot sightings.
  4. Cause even the game tells you.
  5. CoD has always been about the luck of the draw in terms of success in lobbies.
  6. You're complaining about 55 ping?! Your are only hope! Your previous ratios were created by playing people who only played the game a couple of hours a week.

    What it should do is prioritize matchmaking by connection and then even out the lobby into equally skilled teams. Which frustrates me and I feel like I have to carry my team. Why do you get all defensive when someone says something bad about cod or something good about treyarch? With SBMM, that happens far less often for players who aren't actually above-average.

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    • "oh, i have 55 wins and 4 losses?
    • (Kevin Spacey’s) “Give me a break”.
    • (lets not forget "sniper frog" either.

    Guess your a terrible player then if you do that, if I see you doing it you’ll be getting reported and hopefully banned. Have we gotten a STRAIGHT answer from anything? Here, you’ll find 39 million like-minded people working towards progress, kindness, and lasting impact. I agree SBMM leads to reverse boosting and I have seen it. I always play solo, due to my relatively high spm and decent kd I ALWAYS play against at least a party of 4. I bet your win/loss ratio isn't that bad.

    Did Condrey say it was a Hybrid System before AW’s launch?Do it such that people play others like them so that the good players who mix up their game don't have to deal with tryhards as often.Don’t be blind Treyarch fanboy.

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    Condrey is full of lies, and this is the first CoD in a while that I will not be buying a season pass, and the next game is going to have to be an amazing piece of work for me to even consider buying it.
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    1. But I know that it still takes 4 hits to kill even the best players.
    2. But OP guns is general problem with this series – even with Treyarch’s titles.
    3. But if you care about winning and losing, then COD is the wrong game for you.
    4. But my win/loss ratio, all i care about, is something like 1.
    5. Last one was for ranked play 2 weeks ago that did nothing because they cancelled ranked play season on last gen. Like I’ve said, I’m not a huge fan of people like Nadeshot having an input, but realistically, what makes the content Advanced Warfare more pro-focused than Ghosts, or BO2, or MW3? Literally nobody that isn't a developer knows. Loud people just get their voices heard more. Multiple times I joined a halfway complete game.

      I get matched with people of my skill so I always play against good competition which makes the game really fun! I get put into lobbies where people are from like France and stuff. I get that they are trying to make CoD more competitive but I think they are going about it the wrong way. I heard about eSports with Black Ops 2 myself as well, and I knew immediately this is the future.

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      If we wanted to compete and have a challenge we would go play RANKED. If you disagree or need to rant, please hit up to Glen Schofield. If you took the default settings, then it matched you up with players of equal skill and there was a whole lot of 2-3 bars by doing that. If you want to actually have fun you need to reverse boost so you can just chill with noobs. If you're referring to the ' skill based matchmaking', I don't think that was.

      • It serves no purpose, but the rage of being cheated takes over.
      • There, because of the fast pace of the game resulting from its size, map skills tend to take a back seat to happenstance (luck, if you will.
      • So I think there really needs to be some sort of SBMM.
      • Be honest, you just want to decimate bad players.
      • This is due to the server putting players from all over the world to play in a single game together, therefore creating unrealistic real time gameplay, ie lag, 1 second behind other players, shoot first die first and rubber banding.
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      Something doesn't need changed simply because you personally can't earn the scorestreak you want? Standard Playlist should NOT have SBMM. Suck my dick, idiots of charlie intel. Takes about 1400 points, but the points earned stack towards it.

      Removing SBMM is not so we can play 100% noobs all the time; it is so theres varying skill in the game. SBMM is making the game nearly unplayable for me which is a shame because it has great potential. Schofield isn’t a community manager. Seriously what does Glen do? Skill Based Matchmaking, or SBMM is a very controversial topic in Advanced Warfare. Some games my team crushes and sometimes we get crushed, and everything in between.

      Especially now that the Mercenary playlist is no more.Every game turns into a fight for kills, constant triple caps, lobbies emptying out due to the rape, etc.
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      Never buy stock when its high up,that only leaves a long way down. No luck with this game doing that. Now I cant find anyone to connect too.

      Condrey assures us that the team at Sledgehammer Games are continuously optimizing the matchmaking experience and will continue to alter as they get more feedback from fans and more information from their data.Condrey is FLAT OUT LYING that “players get matched with players in other countries happens in ‘fringe’ cases”.

      Obviously didn’t get the reference but whatever. On one hand, you would essentially remove the people who overuse OP guns (because they're the ones with 25-4 KDRs) so "less skilled lobbies" would have more diversity with weapons, maybe more fairness or at least variety, while keeping the rest quarantined up to deal with each other. Play domination or Kill Confirmed and just play the objective as fast as possible but also kill people as fast as you can (don't worry about dying).

      Is a home for the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare community and a hub for the discussion and sharing of content relevant to the game. It's all a futile effort because the help is imaginary. It's more than likely Score Per Minute or a combination of SPM and other factors. It's ruining my experience with the game. Its no fun at all and we have been playing CoD together since Modern Warfare.

      It’s not right, and it hurts you and your team’s online experience. I’m sure you think 30 fps is in place to make it feel more cinematic in certain other games too right? K/D in Advanced Warfare simply out of coincidence. Last but not least, ability to turn off “Join in Session games”.

      There shouldn't be any in public matches. There's no variation in these matches. There's nothing wrong with caring what your K/D is since it's one way you can measure yourself. They are also aware that weapon flinch in Modern Warfare Remastered is not the same as the. They need to go through the same shit we did. They want to do trick shots. This franchise is finished, I will give Trayarch one last go after it’s the dreaded Ghosts 2 ahahah no way in hell I’ m buying that.

      Facing a challenge is fun, not spending 6 weeks ploughing through noobs with no skill. First, that was the more minor of my points.

      That is why Treyarch currently has Vonderhaar for the job. That's legit to the effort i bring to the game. That’s Condrey’s job atm. The entire whine-fest can be epitomized by what someone whined earlier in this post "But they didn't pay their dues like we did! There are no dedicated servers my friend, and even if there are, it’s only probably about 2.

      1. Anybody here can do a better job than Glen.
      2. Black Ops 2 dedicated servers is the best for COD at this point.
      3. Yes she shared waaay too much of her personal life on Twitter, but she still communicated more about COD than what SH is currently doing. You are our people. You are such an idiot Keshav. You just have to smash something. You should see my win/loss ratio in MW3, at least 50% of my losses from back in the day have come entirely from Sitrep-Pro induced rage-quits. You shouldn't be forced to play a different game for a challenge when the whole idea of the game is winning or losing.

        I play on dial up internet and have been unable to play for weeks now. I wonder if he is constantly thrown into losing games with no chance of coming back. If I have to deal with getting owned every game then why should you be allowed to be the one doing the owning all the time? If it doesn’t affect matchmaking, then all they’re doing is hurting themselves without benefit to them personally. If they didn't stat track then I'd agree with you but that's simply not the case.

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