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It's been said that the weekly troop meeting is the glue that holds a Boy Scout troop together. From beginning to end, there should always be something. Your Annual Troop Program Plan = Satisfied Boy Scouts and families = A lifelong love.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what keeps Scouts in the program. It makes good relations with the Charter Organization if you serve goodies. It will be hard to decide whether it’s more fun for the boys to make the maze or run through it. It’s not easy, but if the Patrol Leaders are allowed 30 minutes for a lesson, game or something, they can actually lead their patrol. Join 11,532 people who get Bryan on Scouting in their inbox.

Use this PowerPoint presentation to help guide your troop through its annual program planning conference. Use this document to accomplish an effective annual troop program planning conference. Use this survey to help get adults involved with your unit even more engaged. VA Scoutmaster, Life Scout Requirement #6 does not have anything about teaching three requirements for a merit badge.

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One of the interesting this the leaders have found is that most of the speakers, without knowing it, echo the phrase in Wood Badge – “Semper Gumby” – that is, always be flexible in your career goals, because the job picture changes almost daily. One of the key elements of all successful troops and an indicator of a potentially successful year would be the troop's annual program plan and planning conference.

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You might even get an article in the paper out of the deal! Your email address will not be published.

In fact, teaching three requirements for a merit badge (they must be from the list of Eagle-required badges no less) is an option for completing Life Scout requirement #6 (EDGE method). In order to have a safe camping trip, you have prepare your children properly and be aware of camping first aid. Instruction is typically tied to the theme of the month and/or an upcoming campout.

The following is a list of six easy ideas that can be adapted to your troop to make your next meeting creative and enjoyable. The idea is to broaden their view of what is out there, and what it takes to get there. The important result of a shared annual program calendar is that a troop will attract more families and Boy Scouts will stay involved longer. The rest is the appropriate program, often copletely designed and delivered by the boys.

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Water games are ideal for summer, and your Boy Scouts can have fun with an “outdoor day” featuring water games of every variety, including water brigades (using sponges) and water-gun squirt tag. We are finally trying to implement the patrol method. We decided to make pies and cakes and have them completed by the time the congregation would leave the service. We view the weekly meetings as practice for the campouts. We were having problems of a boy led Troop.

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Café decoration and design: This group makes decisions about the theme of the café, sets up physical seating and tables, and creates a menu design to go along with the theme.Com quickly and easily, offering each scout or team of scouts a different maze.Create your own Olympics festival, but use sports skills that will let each Boy Scout shine – baseball, throwing a football, races, etc.
  1. Another idea is to contact the local newspaper and ask for one of their photographers to judge.
  2. As unit commissioner my principal duties is to listen and observe.
  3. Assign another scout to be “chef” and oversee the kitchen.
  4. At best the SPL runs the show and it turns into a lecture hall.
  5. One thing we have added, at the beginning of the meeting, is a career talkwe have either a committee member, an ASM, or even an outside invitee to come and talk 10-15 minutes (open the entire time for questions) about their career and what they have done to prepare for it. Other than the opening, announcements, Scoutmaster minute, and closing. Our troop has at least one meeting a month where the boys lead the instruction sessions.

    Why wouldn’t you do merit badge instruction at a meeting? Works much better and we don’t lose another evening at home. Yes, the boys plan and run troop meetings, but Scouters see it all from our comfy chairs in the back of the room. You can be specific — with exact times and details about who does what — or vague. You can invite different professionals to visit and talk about their careers. You can print the completed form and save it on your computer.

    If you create the café in a nursing home or shelter, you may be able to use their cooking facilities. If you want a strong den, find out how in the Building a Strong Den section. If your schedule is anything like mine, an extra evening at home was problematic so we implemented what I did when I was a Scout and we have the PLC at 6pm on the first Monday of the month and then start our meeting at 715pm.

    1. Ben, Why do merit badge instruction at a troop meeting.
    2. Best of luck – patrol method is the way to go.
    3. Hay bails, while requiring plenty of space, are ideal maze structures for kids. I really like the fact that they made the online version printable, even if it is one Adventure/Meeting at a time. If finances are an issue, use your café as a fundraiser. If it’s not, use it as a service project to feed the needy or the elderly. If they are doing anything that requires equipment, that costs money.

      Every unit has different approach on how unit meeting is ran. For it to have real value, you must follow it, share it with everyone, and review it regularly to see if modifications have to be made. For your convenience, the links to each rank are below.

      • Establish a budget, assisting the various groups in their responsibilities.
      • To get everyone warmed up, start with paper maze puzzles.
      • Before you plan your family camping trip, take this camping safety skills and learn more camping safety tips!
      • Indoor or Outdoor Games according to weather.
      • (Each patrol plans a meeting activity on a rotating basis.
      • A scout attains the rank or Webelos, not Webelo.
      • All logos and trademarks © of LDS-BSA Relationships Office or Boy Scouts of America unless otherwise stated.
      • And my son is a first year webelo.

      Sign up below for more helpful Cub Scout information! So depending on what is happening on the next campout the boys are doing demos for the skills needed and our new scouts are in their own room working on T-1 skills that are also the focus of the campout. So share what you see! Start with a solid wood or cardboard base at least 3 feet square.

      They don’t teach and they don’t plan Patrol events as a Patrol. This activity requires teamwork and planning but usually results in some positive life lessons for the boys. This form contains a meeting/activity agenda which can be filled in and used by the youth leaders as they plan their events.

      Keep those meetings organized with activities and supplies. Menus become a Boy Scout craft idea and can be created on the computer using card stock. Merit badges are usually done on an individual basis as we have a large troop (95 scouts). Next, there are links to each of the required and elective adventures. No two troops are alike, and no two troop meetings are alike.

      Discuss career ideas with your scouts to discover what types of professions interest them most.

      We would serve them deserts with ice cream. Webelos is the scout program for 4th and 5th graders. We’re down to one patrol of older boys at the moment. What I’ve usually seen is a new activity each month and then they receive the pin at the monthly pack meeting if they met all of the requirements. When you first know about an addition or change to troop activities, add that to the calendar so it will always be up to date and ready to print or share. Who knew it was going to be a “thing”?

      This is a great opportunity to discuss good sportsmanship. This template provides the framework for conducting efficient, well-run troop meetings. This was Life Scout Joshua Hyde, T737, teaching a group about packing for a hike. Training game, gear check and skills instruction usually impacted by upcoming campout (e. Troop has 5-6 patrols and depending on program by PLC, we have two meeting plan templates, Troop Meeting and Patrol Meeting.

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      Den mothers are always on the lookout for new craft and activity ideas that are simple, straightforward, fun, inexpensive and easy to clean up.

      Thank you notes from the scouts after each presentation will add a nice personal touch and will train them to appreciate those who give their time. Thanks for not minding my using your photo! The 48 program features allow units to plan meetings and events around activities that Scouts will find challenging and exciting. The following are Word documents or PDFs of useful worksheets that will help you plan your activities.

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      Boys' Life produces a number of useful resources such as a planning calendar, planning charts, and other program helps.

      Free Girl Scout Meeting Planner Printables! From Youth Protection training (required for every adult no matter what position is served) to courses offered at Philmont Training Center. From taking photographs to building mazes to creating a café, your boys will get a kick out of these creative Boy Scout meeting ideas. Good luck on another great year, and don't forget to share your plan and calendar with every Scout family!

      Patrol Meeting – similar except 7:10 to 8:10 patrols breakout for skills, sometimes round robins, prep for patrol camping or event. Print out the photos and display them at your next meeting, then invite a panel of adults to judge the photographs. Rather than giving out awards or medals, help the scouts understand that doing their best can be a reward in itself. Scouting magazine is published five times a year and is received by 1 million registered adult volunteers.

      These fillable electronic forms help make troop budgeting straightforward. They are similar but with different focus. They are to make it easy for you.

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